Additional Funding

Personal injury victims usually cannot predict how long their case will take to resolve. Often, personal injury victims will request only a small amount of lawsuit funding because they are under the impression their case is going to settle quickly. If the case does not settle as fast as expected, they may realize the amount of funding they requested is not going to be enough to pay their bills and expenses until they receive their personal injury settlement. Fortunately, many individuals will be eligible for additional legal funding with Pegasus Legal Funding. Pegasus Legal Funding can provide additional legal funding to any personal injury victims who have not already received their full Pegasus Legal Funding approval amount.

There are many legal funding companies that cannot offer as much money for particular cases as Pegasus Legal Funding. Some personal injury victims may find one of these companies and accept legal funding from the company before they find Pegasus Legal Funding. Luckily, Pegasus Legal Funding can often provide legal funding even if a personal injury victim has already accepted funding for their lawsuit from another company. Personal injury victims are only allowed to have one company funding their lawsuit at a time. So, Pegasus Legal Funding buys out the legal advances from the other legal funding companies. Then, the personal injury victim can work exclusively with Pegasus Legal Funding on their prior lawsuit cash advances and can also receive additional legal funds at Pegasus Legal Funding’s low interest rates.

If you need additional legal funding, Pegasus Legal Funding is here to help! Give Pegasus Legal Funding a call today!

.:About the author:.

Max Alperovich is a Principal and co-founder of Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC. Max was an early adopter and identified third-party litigation funding as a mutually beneficial endeavor for both client and funder relationships.


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