A Surgery Lawsuit Loan can help in many ways

I. The dilemma of health insurance coverage lapses and not qualified for Medicaid Those who are adversely affected from a personal injury as result of another’s negligence can find relief from Pegasus. Accidents occur on regular basis, someone texting while they drive, a retail store with a careless... Read more →
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Pegasus Setttlement Loans can help you get a larger settlement

$51.5M age discrimination verdict against Lockheed Martin Cherry Hill Courier Post CAMDEN – A federal jury has awarded $51.5 million to a former Lockheed Martin employee who claimed he lost his job due to age discrimination.

It is official, Pegasus , a leader in the legal funding area is the number one rated pre-settlement funding company in the following areas of expertise: Ease of use. Pegasus make the lawsuit cash advance process simpler and more user friendly. With its release of the smart apps, and online... Read more →
Lawsuit Loands for wrongful conviction

U.S. appeals court upholds $43 million verdict against Nassau County A federal appeals court has upheld a $43 million jury verdict against Nassau County in a lawsuit filed by two men who were exonerated in the 1984 murder and rape of a Lynbrook teenager after serving nearly 18 years in... Read more →

Thank you for applying. We will be contacting you shortly about your case. If you have any questions, call us *TOLL FREE at 855-386-3968 If Pegasus approves your application for a cash advance and another legal funding company sends you a written contract to advance the same amount at a lower... Read more →

Get the best deal for a lawsuit cash advance from Pegasus, call today to get a firm quote today When you apply for any lawsuit loans , the lending institution officials will try to contact your attorney. This is to collect all details, for your case evaluation. With the cooperation of... Read more →

Tips on selecting a reputable legal funding company *Read on so you know how to obtain the best and favorable legal funding If you have had an accident caused by someone else and hired a personal injury attorney and now are finding yourself in financial pinch, you’ve gone online or heard from... Read more →
Settlement loans require much thought

Lawsuit Loans should only be used in emergency situations Most, if not all legal counsel is familiar with legal funding so they will be prepared on how the process works. If your attorney has not experienced first-hand participating with a legal funding , it is a straight forward simple process... Read more →
Settlement loans require much thought

In most law firms, attorneys rarely will suggest their clients to get a “settlement loan”. Getting a lawsuit loan should be the last alternative for a plaintiff and used only unless they have absolutely no financial alternatives . Most laypersons have not heard of pre-settlement loans, but there financial... Read more →
Settlement Loans and your rights

The ins and outs of Legal Funding You can find out more by calling a Pegasus Legal Funding representative and we’ll answer all your questions and help you get the money you need. Call us now at 855-FUND-YOU   855-386-3968 Lawsuit settlement loans function as follows: Who is eligible for a lawsuit... Read more →