Couple Seeks Legal Funding for COPD and Lung Cancer Litigation Case

There was this news of a man who sued the company he worked for because he contracted an acute chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in the workplace due to exposure to petro-chemicals every day. The disease renders the person difficulty in breathing and this will progress over time.

The doctor’s diagnosis was he should stop working, and go for long-term treatment because the COPD rendered him into the first stages of lung cancer. The couple lodged a personal injury lawsuit through the aid of injury lawyers. The couple could not afford the rising cost of litigation fees because of their limited financial resources . The wife, who is not working at the time the illness happened, had to struggle to care for her husband, who suffered bouts of cough and asthma like symptoms.

They sought out legal funding while waiting for the case to be settled. The lawsuit cash advance helped them in many ways and eased out the burden to carry the costs that go with lodging a personal injury case. This adds to the worry and stress of having to deal with an illness and a looming family financial loss.

Looming Financial Loss

The family income suffered a great deal since the couple had two small children to send to school. They have a toddler that also needs more care. The plaintiff was adversely affected on the situation causing him to have bouts of depression over his inability to meet his family’s needs. His hospital bills are rising as he was undergoing chemotherapy treatments.
The adverse effect of illness has long-term effects on a family who has to make both ends meet. The couple met a lot of overstress every day including the loss of a home, paying for mortgages and meeting the family’s needs. The legal financing the family sought augmented their income while awaiting verdict for the case. The financial aid extended by personal injury lawyers allowed the couple to move freely without worry.

Case Won

The ongoing litigation was a long process, and the couple has to juggle in between hospital treatments , court appearances and caring for their children. This is not an easy fit for the family. More so, the adverse situation has been affecting not only the family, but the couple’s relationship as well. The legal funding company eased out the financial burden and this allowed the couple to move about. The plaintiff has experienced some ease and did not have to worry about his family’s everyday needs.The litigation process was long; but the case against the company was compelling. There was strong evidence that the husband has contracted the disease in the workplace. The funding they got from the company helped them while waiting for the outcome of the case. The verdict was handed down a couple of years after; but the couple clearly won the case. They received a substantial compensatory damages amounting to millions.

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