Distracted Driving and Legal Funding

When distracted driving from another vehicle causes you a personal injury, do not hesitate to contact us or apply with us for a cash advance against your potential lawsuit. Distracted driving in the United States kills 9 and injures over 1,060 people every single day! Distracted driving is defined as driving while engaged in another activity that takes away the attention from driving. Distracted driving can also enhance the chances of a crash.

Distraction falls into 3 different categories:-

• Visual distraction – Your eyes are off the road
• Manual – Your hands are not on the wheel
• Cognitive – Your mind is not focused on the driving

Among the major causes of distraction are cell phone, eating, and texting. Technologies such as navigation systems can also contribute to distraction. Although all forms of distraction are fraught with the same degree of risk, texting in particular is more dangerous since it combines all types of distractions.

The Numbers are Alarming

Between the period 2010 and 2011 alone, nearly 7,000 lives have been lost on account of Distracted driving on the American roads and some 800,000 people injured with varying degrees of impairment, pain and suffering.

Are US Drivers More Distracted?

According to a CDC study in 2011, compared to some of the European countries and the United Kingdom itself, more US drivers admitted to having used cell phones for talking, texting, reading text messages , or e-mailing while driving. Although use of cell phones for any purpose while driving is dangerous, younger drivers below the age of 20 pose a higher degree of risk to themselves as well as other road users since the degree of distraction is significantly higher compared to elder drivers.

Law is Catching Up

Appropriate changes to existing laws or new laws are being put in place by many states to contain the causes of distracted driving. President Obama himself is concerned with this rising trend in distracted driving and federal employees are now prohibited from texting while driving with government equipment or while on government business, through an executive order. Similarly, commercial drivers are now banned by the FMCSA from texting while driving.

Your Financial Solutions

The consequences of distracted driving are potentially far reaching for the victims . In several instances, the victims can be hospitalized, handicapped or even dead in some instances. The pain and suffering extends beyond the victim and affects the family and his/her loved ones. Absence from work, consequential loss of income, and other challenges can potentially leave the plaintiff with little or no money.

If you are among the victims of distracted driving struggling to make both ends meet pending a lawsuit settlement, experts at Pegasus Legal Funding LLC can help you with that much needed cash. Our team of professionals works in the field of legal finance and we extend aid to plaintiffs in need while awaiting settlement. And rest assured that if you do not win your lawsuit, you get to keep the cash and need not worry about repayment. If you choose the route of a lawsuit loan with another company, regardless of the outcome of your case, even if you win you will need to pay back the lawsuit loan. So let Pegasus take all the risk while providing financial relief allowing you to go on with your life stress free. To find out more about getting the money you need now from Pegasus Funding, fill out the web application or call: 855-FUND-YOU / 855-386-3968

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