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Find out the Different Benefits of Lawsuit Funding for FELA Cases

In 2006, a railroad employee suffered from injuries because of the poor ground conditions in Union Pacific’s rail yards. The injuries were so severe that the said employee was permanently disabled. He lost his job and he and his family were forced to give up comfortable living. He filed a FELA case against Union Pacific but he eventually lost. However, in 2008, a couple of lawyers revived his case and they were granted a retrial. The odds turned to the employee’s favor this time as the two attorneys were able to win a $1.427 million for their client.

Filing a FELA Case against Railroad Companies

Victims of injury due to the negligence of railroad companies are protected by the Federal Employers Liability Act or FELA. Working in rail roads is a dangerous occupation and employees are at risk for job-related dangers such as train collisions, derailments, heavy machinery malfunctions, extreme weather conditions, exposure to harmful toxins and so much more. With modern technology, railroad facilities are made a little safer but there are some circumstances that are beyond the control of technology.

The Benefits of Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit Funding presents several benefits for victims in FELA cases. Suffering from a serious injury can lead to loss of compensation or even the loss of a job. Without a source of income, the victims and their families are driven into financial ruin as they struggle to make ends meet. They are forced to sell their properties or to borrow money just to be able to provide for their day-to-day needs. However, the financial struggle does not end there. With serious injuries, victims require medical attention that comes at a cost. Furthermore, some victims require physical therapy, which require a series of sessions that equates also to a series of bills.

Railroad companies will initially offer a settlement because they understand the victims’ urgent need for money. However, they are going to offer a settlement amount, which is relatively lesser than the settlement granted if the victim wins the FELA case.

If you are a railroad employee who is a victim of a work-related injury , know your rights. The law gives you the right to demand for just compensation from your employer and with a lawsuit funding, you can sustain your family while the settlement is still pending. It also enables you to hire a competent attorney to legally represent you in court.

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