Florida Tobacco Ruling Allows Those Affected Closure

Florida Smokers seek out justice and relief

Finally after years of litigation a decision was handed down by the Supreme court ruled that smokers will be able get justice against the Phillip Morris Company. There have been thousands of lawsuits against this company which span up tens of millions of dollars. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a series of appeals filed by tobacco companies seeking to overturn Florida court rulings. These individuals claimed that they were entitled to compensation for injuries due to exposure to smoke or for smoking themselves. As the appeal process has been denied it means that individuals will be allowed to bring forth their own suit and seek out a lawsuit pre-settlement cash advance to provide immediate financial relief while awaiting justice for their claims.

Smokers Denied to Proceed as a Class

The decision handed down by the U.S. Supreme court stems from the 2006 class action suit which a $145 Billion award was overturned by the Florida Supreme court. The judges ruled in 2006 that the individuals bringing the cases had too many varied issues to be considered a class. This does not mean that the cases these individuals have are invalid. If any of these individuals want to pursue their case on their own without the class action lawsuit they could seek out legal remedies and do so. These proceedings will have ramifications for the country as a whole as the nation works to determine how tobacco companies will need to treat patients in the future.

Do You have Smoking Related Injuries?

While this latest and final decision is good news for those cases already that have reached settlements, there others with pending cases who were awaiting the outcomes of the current ruling. It is now common knowledge that smoking causes illness and injury, this was not always the case. Tobacco companies have worked for years to cover up the fact that their products did harm to the body. If you smoked and were unaware of the consequences you could be entitled to compensation for the injuries you have sustained. If you had the desire to pursue this you could use a lawsuit cash advance to get the funding that you need to take your case to the next level.

Don’t Pay Medical Costs out of Pocket

The diseases that smoking can cause are quite severe and will be very expensive to pay for. If you are trying to juggle the cost of paying these bills with starting a lawsuit then you could find yourself in financial trouble. A lawsuit funding would give you the money you need to cover your responsibilities so that you can continue to pay your bills on time. Then once your settlement comes in you will be able to pay your loan back without any difficulties so you don’t have to worry about opportunity passing you by. And it very important when choosing a legal funding company to know the difference between a lawsuit loan and a non recourse cash advance. Lawsuit loans must be repaid no matter if you lose your case and there isn’t any award. But with a Pegasus lawsuit funding, you eliminate the risk and if you lose, you are legally obligated to pay back any of the funds.

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