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GM Recall – Auto Accidents and Lawsuit Cash Advances

Most of us are conversant with a wide array of causes leading to road accidents . Some of them are serious and cause serious injuries or even death while others are less overwhelming. The most common causes include driving under influence, texting while driving, use of cell phones while driving, stray animals, dirt storms, lane change, rear end collision, front end collision etc. There is no taking away the pain and suffering of the victims irrespective of the cause of the accident.

But, how many of us would have ever imagined a major car manufacturer like GM being hauled up for causing wrongful death due to a technical failure of the car. More precisely, an Alabama man has sued GM claiming that the defective ignition switch caused his daughter’s death. He is not alone and there are plenty of others across the nation, who are suing GM on this count. However, GM, on its part has asked for a stay on all suits filed in this context, through a Texas Court and is seeking umbrage under its 2009 bankruptcy order. Elsewhere, people are also planning class action suits for the same reason and are seeking as much as $10 billion for lost value of as many as 1.6 m cars that were recalled.

*Financial Challenges *

After a precious life is lost, the cause takes the backseat and the pain and suffering of those left behind comes into focus. At Pegasus Legal Funding LLC , we focus on assisting victims of auto accidents during these challenging times. Our legal and settlement funding initiatives are tuned to provide no- recourse lending which means that the victim/borrower repay the loan only when they win or receive a settlement. Over the years, we have extended lawsuit funding assistance to several thousand plaintiffs.

Income Verification And Credit Check

Our experience has shown that in most instances, the plaintiff has exhausted all his/her alternative borrowing means and obtaining a fresh credit is often impossible because the income verification and credit checks are more likely to turn in negative reports. The regular pay checks stop arriving because the victim cannot attend work and there are expenses that must be met irrespective of these factors. In instances where another driver is at fault, it becomes all the more essential to take maximum precautions from injuries. Similarly, dealing with an un-insured/under insured driver can also present its own challenges. Pegasus fully understands the importance of putting that much needed cash in the hands of the victims through an appropriate legal funding vehicle .

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James Sheridan is the Contracts Manager at Pegasus Legal Funding LLC and is responsible for the final stage of the funding approval process. James focus and priority is delivering to PLF’s clients the funds they need as quickly as possible
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