How a Lawsuit Loan Can Help When Filing Personal Injury Lawsuit

In 2003, Annette Ritzman was walking out of the Miller Mart convenience store when she suddenly slipped on a raised sidewalk and fell down on the ground. She lost consciousness and suffered a serious brain injury. Annette filed for a personal injury lawsuit against the convenience store because they failed to put any warning signs to prevent customers from slipping on an algae patch in front of their store.

When Should You File for Personal Injury Lawsuit

Slip and fall accidents happen when the property owner is proven negligent in keeping their premises safe. It is the responsibility of the property owner to fix and repair their premises to eliminate the chances of any accidents. If you suffer serious injuries caused by slip and fall accident at work, in a restaurant, bank, airport or any other establishment, you can file a personal injury lawsuit.

Things to Consider When Filing Personal Injury Lawsuit

Before filing a lawsuit, you should gather your medical records and get testimonials from other people who witnessed your accident. However, you should keep in mind that this lawsuit may take a long time to get resolved and it will eventually take a toll on your financial resources. If the injuries are too severe, you cannot go to work and you need the extra money to pay all your bills. You need the help of lawsuit loan companies, which can offer you the funding you need to pay all the bills until you receive the settlement money.

Apply for Lawsuit Funding

Applying for lawsuit pre-settlement funding can level the playing field and help you continue your fight for a fair settlement. You don’t need to give in to a much smaller settlement being offered to you, many people give in because they run out of money and they could not see the case through. You can spend this pre settlement loan for your medical needs and your daily living expenses. All you need to do is fill out a simple application form and give the details of your lawsuit.

Your Partner in Getting You Through Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

Annette Ritzman received a $12.2 million settlement from the court. Just like Annette, you too can receive the maximum compensation from your personal injury lawsuit if you get the help of litigation funding companies. This additional funding is all you need to pay for all your expenses while you wait for the court’s decision.

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