How Can Legal Financing Help You?

Lawsuit Cash Advance
What is legal financing from Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC ? Legal financing is a cash advance that is provided to personal injury plaintiffs who are experiencing financial difficulties while they are waiting for their personal injury settlement.

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Are lawsuit cash advances from Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC really a “loan”? No. Our lawsuit cash advances are different than a traditional loan in several respects including:
• We are a Direct Funder so there are NO BROKERFEES!
• We do not require a credit check.
• We do not require any kind of employment verification.
• We do not require any kind of physical collateral.
• We do not come with any spending restrictions.
• We do not require monthly payments.
• We are repaid only if you actually receive a settlement.
• We do not require any kind of payment until after you receive your settlement.

We provide lawsuit funding based solely on the expected proceeds from your personal injury settlement. We estimate what your settlement is worth and then we can advance you a percentage of that expected settlement, so you have money to survive on until you get your settlement. Since we will be repaid out of your settlement, your credit does not matter. We will not check your credit and we will not report the lawsuit funding to the credit bureaus.
Again, since the legal financing we provide is repaid out of your settlement, we do not require any kind of employment verification. Many times personal injuries make personal injury victims unable to work. We do not believe you should be penalized because someone else’s negligence made you unable to work. Further, there is no reason to hassle personal injury victims with employment verifications since we are repaid from the settlement, not from the personal injury victim’s income. Thus, we will not ask any questions to verify that you have a job.

We do not require any physical collateral. The only collateral you need in order to qualify for lawsuit funding with us is a personal injury that is expected to provide a future settlement. We will evaluate your case and determine what we think your case is worth. That is how we will determine how much money we can provide to you while you wait for your personal injury settlement.

We do not impose any spending restrictions on the lawsuit funding you receive. We understand that personal injuries can cause more financial difficulties than just additional medical bills. We provide you with the money to remedy these financial difficulties.

Finally, legal financing is not paid until you have a settlement to repay it. It would be difficult for personal injury victims to make immediate monthly payments before they get their settlement since the cash advance was to provide them money until they get their settlement. Further, it would be even more difficult for personal injury victims to make payments if they did not receive a settlement. So, repayment comes directly out of the settlement. If you do not get a settlement, you do not owe Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC anything! Plus, you get to keep the money!

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James Sheridan - Pegasus Funding

James Sheridan is the Contracts Manager at Pegasus Legal Funding LLC and is responsible for the final stage of the funding approval process. James focus and priority is delivering to PLF’s clients the funds they need as quickly as possible

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