How It Works

Plaintiff Funding Process

By providing you with a lawsuit cash advance against the proceeds of your case now, Pegasus Legal Funding can get you the money you need while your case goes through what can sometimes be a long legal process.

Don’t feel pressure to accept a low settlement offer for your case because of your pressing financial needs. Let Pegasus Legal Funding level the playing field between you and large defendants who will try to delay settlement of the case to increase your economic hardship.


  • The advance is non-recourse‚Ķ if you lose, you owe us nothing
  • There are no credit checks or employment requirements
  • There are no monthly payments or upfront out of pocket fees
  • There are no payments until your case settles

How the Plaintiff Funding Process works:

  1. Complete our Online Application or call our toll free number 800-910-0360
  2. We will send a document request letter to your attorney with a list of documents we need to review including police reports, medical information, insurance coverage, bills of particular (if available).
  3. After we receive the documents we need to review your case, we will contact you within hours to discuss the amount of your advance and the terms of your agreement with Pegasus Legal Funding. Then we will send your attorney an agreement for you to execute and return to us.
  4. Once The Agreement is fully executed and acknowledged by your attorney, we will wire the funds to your account or send you a check by overnight mail for delivery the next morning.

After that, your attorney will give us periodic updates of the status of your case. When it is settled, he will pay us directly out of the proceeds of your settlement.

At no time does Pegasus Legal Funding get involved in the management of your case. All decisions regarding your case are made by you and your attorney.

Complete our Online Application or call us at 800-910-0360