How Legal Funding Helps Victims of Construction Accidents

Alberto Jijon worked for a construction company in Torrance, California. He was hired to install dry walls during a construction project involving the expansion of a plant that manufactures health bars. Before the accident, Mr. Jijon and his fellow construction workers were working on a drywall inside the plant’s electrical room. Their job included installing a drywall over a framed-out doorway.

Since the start of the project, the company’s foreman asked the general contractor to have a door installed in the area where Mr. Jijon and his co-workers were working in. This is to allow the workers to safely enter and leave the electrical room. However, the general contractor denied the foreman’s request. A city building department inspection was slated on the following day; thus, the electrical room needed to be completely sealed off to pass the fire code inspection.

Mr. Jijon’s employer sealed off the electrical room and the workers had to access the area by grabbing a pole and swinging themselves over a wall. If they are not careful, the workers can fall to a height of over 15 feet.

While doing the said procedure, Mr. Jijon lost his balance and landed right on his head. Because of this, he sustained irreversible brain damage. He was under a coma for days and had to stay in the hospital for about three weeks. He never lived his life the same way again. He requires help with doing simple day to day activities and clearly, he is not capable to work again.

Compensation for Victims of Construction Accidents

Victims of construction accidents can rightfully claim compensation for injuries suffered due to the negligence of their employers. Working for a construction company is a risky occupation and the worker’s safety should be a priority. However, certain companies are not able to carry safety measures effectively; hence, putting their employees’ lives in danger.

Lawsuit Loans for Victims of Construction Accidents

A Lawsuit Loan can help in several ways. Firstly, it can help victims suffering from accident on the job with the payment of their hospital bills . Medical attention can be very costly, most especially when the victim is suffering from serious injuries. With litigation funding, the victim can easily avail of much needed medical care without having to wait for the money from settlement. Likewise, it can also help in funding the victim’s lawsuit, so they don’t have to worry about their daily expenses and can concentrate on winning the filed lawsuit.

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