How Long Does It Take To Settle?

There are many factors that can influence how long it takes to get a settlement in a case. Some of these factors include the amount of liability, the attorneys, and the judge.

Liability has a large influence on how long it takes to get a settlement. If you have a strong case, the defendant is more likely to offer a settlement sooner. Settling outside of court is typically beneficial for everyone. Settling out of court reduces court costs, fees for experts, and time wasted in court. Further, settling removes some of the uncertainty that comes with going to trial. It is often impossible to predict how a judge or jury is going to rule in a case. Thus, settling out of court allows both parties control over the settlement.

Attorneys are another aspect of personal injury cases that can influence how long it is going to take to get a settlement. If you have an attorney that is dedicated to your case, you could obtain a settlement quickly. However, sometimes an attorney that is really dedicated to your case will not get the case to settle as quickly because he knows the defendant is offering way below what you deserve. Further, the defense attorney also affects how quickly the case settles. If the defendant has told his attorney he wants to fight the case, getting the case to settle could be a very long process.

Also, the judge can greatly affect cases that are brought to trial. The judge’s schedule and mentality can cause a case to be concluded quickly or continue indefinitely.

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