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If your case is being supervised by a legal attorney for a dog bite or some other animal attack, you are and searching for a lawsuit funding then you can contact Pegasus Funding today.

When someone is injured due to a dog bite or animal attack then they have the right to get compensated for their injuries under the law of personal injury. If you have been bitten or injured by an animal and are interested in getting a lawsuit cash advance then you will require a legal representation. Pegasus Funding is a proven and successful online lawsuit funding service. It has adequate experience of providing its clients with pre settlement and post settlement funding to dog bite victims. If you are injured due to an animal attack and want to get lawsuit funding then can fill our online application today.

The common breed of dog bite attacks involve:

• Pit Bulls
• Mixed Breed
• Labs
• Rottweilers
• German Shepherds
• Wolf Hybrids’
• Huskies
• Malamutes
• Great Danes
• St. Bernards
• Doberman Pinschers

Dog Bite Statistics

  • The United States has over 60 million dogs in its territory.
  • Every year nearly 800,000 people are there who need medical treatment due to a dog bite.
  • During an animal attack children become the most common victims.
  • More than 50% dog bites are reported to be attacks made on the face.
  • On an average nearly 20 people die due to dog bites and animal attacks every year.
  • Losses due to dog bite exceed above $ 1 billion dollars every year.

Throughout the USA nearly 1 million dog bites take place every year. Majority of dog bites are reported from those animals that are domesticated. If the owner does not train his dog properly then he can be legally sued for the damages and injuries caused to the victim through his dog. All these injuries can exceed into 10’s of thousands of dollars. In case if you are not in a financial position to wait for a legal settlement then till then pre settlement funding can be suitable alternative for you. A dog bite can prove to be a heavy burden to a family both from physical and financial point of view. This sort of burden can be even more devastating without an income or emergency fund.

In case of being a victim of a dog bite or animal attack you should take the following precautions:

  • Immediately seek medical treatment to get cured of your injuries
  • Get complete contact information from the owner of the concerned animal
  • Always make a report about your injuries due to dog bites to the authorities
  • Take photographs of both the dog and the injuries
  • Write down word to word about how the animal attack occurred

You should always be ready to avail legal representation from a personal injury attorney or lawyer who handles such related cases. These lawyers work on the basis of contingency fee, this means that you don’t have to pay them unless you successfully claim your settlement compensation.

When you’re personal injury lawyer files a lawsuit against the owner then a series of processes and procedures take place. A personal injury lawsuit may take years for settlement and in some cases the compensation received by you may not be able to cover all expenses concerned with the accident.

Before filing any dog bite lawsuit you should consider the following:

  • Ongoing medical expenses
  • Loss of job and livelihood
  • Expenses of counseling
  • Rent and mortgage payments
  • Expenses incurred out of pocket
  • Living expenses of everyday
  • Expenses of physical therapy

If you are evaluating pre settlement funding for a dog bite accident, then contact Pegasus Funding today. Pegasus Funding offers fast lawsuit loan approvals and competitive rates. If you apply for lawsuit funding with Pegasus Funding and if you are a proven under writer then you will be provided with a non recourse lawsuit loan. It means if you are not successful in winning a cash award for your dog bite lawsuit then you need not repay the advance money.

If your case has settled and you are interested in post settlement funding then we can help you. If you are being paid money as an annuity from a claim that has already settled then you can have access to our structured settlement application. Pegasus Funding offers a variety of different personal injury lawsuit funding services. For getting additional information on lawsuit funding browse our dog bite FAQ or you may contact our lawsuit funding representatives today.

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