What is Lawsuit Funding

If you’ve been in an accident or won a personal injury case, you are entitled to settlement money. Right now. And thanks to lawsuit funding, you can get your money upfront before the defendant finds the cash to pay you. Can you imagine the headache of having to wait for the negligent party to pay you? That money might never come, leaving you struggling to just pay your bills.

That’s no way to live. Enter the convenience of lawsuit funding, which offers money from your settlement upfront from a third-party. There’s no longer a need to wait for the defendant to pay up when you, the injured party, can get your money right now, when you need it the most.

Lawsuit Funding for Injured Parties

Think about it: you’ve been injured. You have a lot of medical expenses. You might have spent a lot on credit cards to pay your bills while out of work. You need money right now to get financially back on track. These third-party companies pay out settlements to the plaintiff all at once so you don’t have to suffer anymore due to someone else’s negligence. And since the plaintiff knows they’ll be able to get the money they’re due quickly and easily, there’s no longer a need to hurry up and settle for a lower amount than you’re due.

Waiting out a settlement can take a long time. Most people don’t have the time or resources to do this. Plus, most of the time defendants only have to pay plaintiffs in installments. If you’re owed money, you should be paid all of it at once, especially in this case where you didn’t ask to be injured! The notion that financial hardship while waiting for a settlement to come through is rare is ridiculous. In fact, most people waiting for settlement payments desperately need them now, not months from now.

Lawsuit funding gives plaintiffs the help they need when they need it the most. Instead of sitting around and waiting for the money to come in (whenever that will be) you can get it right after the settlement is awarded. No more long waiting periods. No more run around. Just money in your hands so you can get on with your life.

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James Sheridan is the Contracts Manager at Pegasus Legal Funding LLC and is responsible for the final stage of the funding approval process. James focus and priority is delivering to PLF’s clients the funds they need as quickly as possible
Author:James Sheridan


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