Lawsuit Funding Offers Emergency Cash To Keep A Case Strong

With a lawsuit cash advance, Michael was able to receive cash today against the future proceeds of his personal injury lawsuit settlement.

Michael was seriously injured in an auto accident because another driver was speeding and ran a red light. Due to back injuries, Michaels was unable to return to his construction job. He filed a personal injury lawsuit, but until his case settled, Michael did not have enough money to pay his medical expenses or auto payments. With his bills increasing daily, Michael did some online research for a solution to his financial problems. That is when he discovered lawsuit funding, a cash advance against the proceeds of his case.

Most plaintiffs in a personal injury lawsuit are up against powerful insurance companies with deep pockets. Plaintiffs are often faced with considerable medical expenses, lost wages if unable to work, and other expenses as a result of the accident. These financial burdens may influence plaintiffs to settle quickly and for less than case value. In fact, powerful defendants will purposely delay claims in hopes a desperate plaintiff will accept a low settlement offer.

Lawsuit funding is emergency cash so plaintiffs can pay the necessities – mortgage, rent, auto payments, medical bills, groceries – while their lawsuit works its way through the legal process. Other advantages to a lawsuit cash advance is that it money provided without the need for:

• Credit checks
• Employment verification
• Collateral
• Monthly payments

Most importantly, with lawsuit funding these is no risk because if there the plaintiff doesn’t win, the plaintiff doesn’t pay. That is correct – repayment of the cash advance is only made upon a successful settlement

If you are in need of fast cash during a pending lawsuit, contact Pegasus Legal Funding, the leader in the legal funding industry.


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