Lawsuit Funding – Whistleblowers and QuiTam

Are you party to a whistleblower lawsuit waiting for recovery of funds by the Federal Government before you can lay your hands on your share?

If you have bills to be paid off NOW, you can get that much needed cash in under 24 hours through FAST cash funding – from $500 to $100,000. Repay only when you win the whistleblower suit!
“Whistleblower” can be anyone who makes public, transgression by her/his employer, or any other entity of business. The wrong doing could include committing fraud, breaking the law, or corruption. This could be a violation of the False Claims Act or other local/state laws that are comparable. When a fraud on the government is exposed by a whistleblower, he/she can institute a qui tam lawsuit on behalf of the government and a part of the consequential recovery claimed as her or his compensation.

The ‘whistle blower’ also known as “relator” be a lawfully eligible “original source” with regard to the FCA to institute a qui tam action based upon information that is publicly disclosed.

Those who pick up the courage to file a Whistleblower Qui Tam suit deserve to be commended for launching a battle to fight fraud against the government. However, considering the complexities of the case, it could be several months or years before the funds are recovered and the plaintiff can lay his hands on his share of the recovery. The wait could be agonizing and realizing financial difficulties of whistleblowers, Pegasus Legal Funding LLC offering lawsuit funding to put at least a part of the plaintiff’s share well ahead of a potential judgment/award.

The best part of legal funding offered by Pegasus Legal Funding LLC is that the plaintiff (you) is not obliged to repay the loan unless and until she/he wins the lawsuit. If the lawsuit is eventually lost, the plaintiff simply walks away with the lawsuit advance he/she received. It is as simple as that. More importantly, you can clutch the cash now, rather than later and meet your financial obligations while you still wait for a settlement from your Qui Tam lawsuit.

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James Sheridan is the Contracts Manager at Pegasus Legal Funding LLC and is responsible for the final stage of the funding approval process. James focus and priority is delivering to PLF’s clients the funds they need as quickly as possible
Author:James Sheridan

  1. Sam Adams

    I am interested in learning the details about how funding would work for these types of cases.

  2. Arush matta

    I have a tax whisteleblower case that was filed a year and a couple months ago. I involves an international financial advisor and based out of Switzerland and implicates banks in that country as well. Documents were provided to the IRS and DOJ who are handling the case. This is not a qui tam case. Info was provided on over $400M of undisclosed accounts and recovery of unpaid taxes by US persons and fines to banks could be in the tens of millions. As a tax whistleblower I am entitled to a 15-30% of the recovery. Please respond only if you do fund these types of cases which are not litigated on the courts as other regular whistleblower case but are just prosecuted by the DOJ / IRS at their discretion. Looking for between $100K-$500K

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