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A 56-year-old woman named Teresa Gamage was the front passenger in a vehicle that was stopped at a red light intersection in Beverly Hills, California. Another driver hit Gamage’s car from behind at a low speed rate. It did not result to any major damage to Gamage’s car.

Right after the incident, Gamage sought immediate treatment for the pain she experienced. The MRI scan showed that she had a degenerative disease with a 3-4mm disc bulge on her spinal cord. Gamage then underwent conservative treatment that includes physical therapy as well as epidural injections. However, the treatments did not manage to ease the victim’s pain. It was determined then that a C5-6 fusion surgery was needed.

A Low Impact Collision with a High Damage

Due to the low impact collision, Teresa Gamage experienced back pains, which turned out to be a degenerative disease. In order to stop the disease and ease the victim’s back pain, she needed to undergo surgery. However, Gamage did not undergo the procedure because she could not afford it.

The trial between Gamage and the defendant driver carried on. The defendant admitted her neglect but she questioned the legitimacy of Gamage’s medical bills. She argued that the collision did not cause the victim’s injuries. The jury ruled the case in favor of the victim. They awarded her with $3.1 million for her medical expenses as well as her surgery.

Fair and Reasonable Compensation

Gamage’s attorneys said that the compensation was fair because the money will guarantee that their client will be compensated for the rest of her life. Cases like these do not have to go to a lengthy trial but the unfairness of the defendant’s insurance company led the victim’s legal team to push the case to the higher courts.

This case is an example of a legal battle that is financially draining as well as time consuming . Many litigation funding companies such as Pegasus Legal Funding LLC aims to help victims like Teresa Gamage to continue to fight for their rights. With the help of a settlement loan, litigants are able to fund their ongoing court battles as well as pay for their legal expenses.

Settlement Loans for Litigants’ Financial Assistance

Pegasus Legal Funding LLC is one of the many legal loan companies that provide legal financial solutions for litigants who are in dire need of financial assistance. We offer various assistance services that will enable you to finance your legal court battles. You do not have to worry about your pending monthly bills as well as your everyday expenses. You can use the moeny to pay for your bills as well as your lawyer’s professional and legal fees.

We also offer flexible terms as well as non-recourse funding so you do not have to worry about how you are going to pay the cash advance back. You do not have to wait for a long time because we can process your funding requests fast. Our service-oriented staff is available to help you with your concerns.

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