Legal Funding vs. Lawsuit Loans for Jones Act Cases

Ships Still Count as a Workplace

If a Marine is injured because a ship was not kept up properly this should not be treated any differently than an employee that is injured in a shop or on a construction site. You deserve worker’s compensation and should not be punished because you were exposed to a dangerous work environment. If you lost your position because you were injured on a ship a lawsuit loan can help you do something about it. Companies that offer legal finance can give you the tools you need to get compensation for your loss.

A Lawsuit Loan can Pay the Bills

If you lost your job because you were injured on a ship it could limit your ability to get hired elsewhere, especially if this was coupled with a poor discharge record. Getting a personal injury loan can help you pay the bills until you find other options that will help you manage your finances. You can also use legal finance to cover the costs of moving if you need to switch locations due to your injuries on the job .

Personal Injury Loans Cover Medical Expenses

Severe enough injuries could require a lot of medical attention to get things back to normal. This can be expensive, especially if you are no longer part of the service and do not have your insurance. A personal injury loan can cover these medical costs so you do not wind up in debt trying to take care of yourself. You can also use personal injury loans to cover the cost of physical therapy or other future medical treatments stemming from your injury so you do not ever have to pay for medical bills that were not your fault out of pocket.

Use Litigation Funding to get Justice

When your employer tries to ruin your reputation or forces you out of your position because you got injured it can be incredibly frustrating. These individuals should not be allowed to mismanage their shop and cause injuries to others and get away with it without any repercussions. You can use litigation funding to make sure that you can cover your expenses as you take your case to trial. This way you can focus all of your time and energy on working with your lawyers and finding the proof you need to take your employer to court and force them to take care of the damaged that they have caused.

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