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Legal Funds to Support Day to Day Expenses

At Pegasus Legal Funding, we are aware that when personal injuries occur, it also results in different unwanted expenses one has never expected. Most of the personal injury victims are not allowed to work to make their recovery faster. It is also understandable that there are certain expenses such as mortgage, utility bills, groceries and more that needs to be addressed even if you are suffering from the injury. And unfortunately, most of the personal injury victims are with kids that still need to be provided. personal injury victims are not to be blamed of their current situation. Thus, they need the right amount of compensation and not face all these financial misery.

What We Can Do

We at Pegasus Legal Funding truly understand the monetary need of each personal injury victim that is still waiting for his or her respective settlement claims. We provide legal cash loans for personal injury victims that need enough funds to pay, not just injury related expenses but also outside the situation expenses. The legal loans we provide are with no restrictions to make all the things easier in your part.

Benefits of Pre-settlement Funding

According to studies, 60% of personal injury victims that applies for a pre-settlement claim use the funds in paying their rental or mortgage bills to avoid foreclosure of their homes. Mortgages and rental bills are not injury related expenses, but the personal injury victim can use the money from the legal loan to pay these bills. Medical expenses can also be supported with the help of the money from the loan. The personal injury victim can use the money in paying for groceries and school bills for their kids as well. Since the loan has no restriction, one is free to use the fund in any other expenses that the victims can’t pay because of their current situation.

Being Involve In an Accident: What You Should Do

The very first thing you need to do when you were involved in a car accident or collision is to contact the proper authorities immediately. If the accident results to car wreck, you also need to notify the authorities for them to be able to provide you a police report regarding the accident. Sending yourself to the hospital is also needed when involved in a car accident. You need to be evaluated by a physician or doctor to check for injuries. If you obtain injuries, the doctor’s record is the most important document you need to present in filing for a personal injury claim.

Other Things to Consider

If you obtained injuries, whether it is severe or mild and the doctor tells you that you are not yet qualified to continue working, you need to follow it. If you follow the entire doctor’s order, you will avoid the injury to get worse. In addition, you need to be informed that the defendant can only be held responsible on the accident related injury and not the result of you not following the doctor’s order. Some victims tend not to follow because they still want to go and earn money for their families. We at Pegasus Legal Funding, provides legal cash loans for personal injury victims to help them sustain their daily expenses.

How We Can Help You

Our main goal at is to help personal injury victims by providing legal cash loans. The money from the legal loan can be used to cover up the income that the victim loses because of the injury. While waiting for the claim, the victim can use the money from the loan to pay all other expenses he or she needs to pay.

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