Long Term Effects

We can help get you get a legal cash advance now to cover your cost of living expenses.Lawsuit funding can be very beneficial to individuals who have been seriously injured because of someone else’s negligence. Personal injuries are not always temporary things. Sometimes the injuries follow the victims for the rest of their lives. This was the case for Kate. Kate was involved in a terrible car accident after a drunk driver ran her off the road. Her car flipped three times and she was covered in so much blood that the police thought she was dead when they arrived at the scene. The drunk driver did not suffer any serious injuries.

Kate was in the hospital for several months after the accident. She missed seeing her daughter’s first steps and a whole season of her son’s little league games.

Even though Kate was eventually released from the hospital, things have not returned to normal. Kate still has a lot of side effects from the crash. She doesn’t remember things very well. She still hears the accident in her head when she closes her eyes and feels the car rolling when she lies in bed. She rarely makes it through the night without waking up because of nightmares about the accident.

Kate knows she is lucky to be alive based on the severity of the accident. However, that does not remove the lasting effect the accident has had on her life. She still has problems with tasks many people do not even think about. The drunk driver came from a rich family and attempted to buy off Kate with a settlement that would be just enough to pay for Kate’s medical bills. Kate originally was going to accept the offer. However, Kate’s husband insisted she fight for a larger settlement. He claimed it was not fair for the drunk driver to get off the hook by offering a minimal settlement that he would not even miss while Kate has to deal with the effects of the accident for the rest of her life. However, Kate needed lawsuit funding from Pegasus Legal Funding in order to wait for a larger settlement.

Pegasus Legal Funding frequently helps individuals like Kate who are fighting for a fair settlement by providing them with lawsuit funding . Lawsuit funding gives individuals like Kate the money they need in order to get by until they get their personal injury settlement. If you need a cash advance in order to get a fair settlement, call Pegasus Legal Funding today.


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