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Massachusetts Litigation Funding – Affordable Solutions

The costs associated with legal funding are the main point of concerns for plaintiffs when they are about to procure a cash advance in the form of litigation funding. People are hesitant at times with the assumption that they will have to pay larger fees later on when they take money in advance like that. As a matter of fact, things have changed dramatically recently. With the advent of sophisticated technology, equipment, infrastructure and standards those looking for funding are there to pick and choose from many different sources, in fact the industry has become significantly more competitive. Now, an informed consumer has much better options. Competition in the business has slashed the interest rates in favor of the consumer.

Highly Rated and Best Services

Plaintiffs as of today can enjoy a better privilege than what it was earlier in the past decades. They can shop around for prices, rates, tenure and so on with so many options available in the market as of today. Still, one should make sure that there are no hidden charges such as broker and organization fees that will have to be repaid at the time of the settlement award. Massachusetts residents can rest assured that those who are proud members of the American Legal Finance industry; ALFA will be obligated to disclose all the terms plainly and clearly. People from Boston to Springfield, Woburn to Worcester, Pittsfield, can find relief from the financial stresses a lawsuit action. The terms and conditions mentioned in the funding contract should be clearly understood ahead of signing the papers. It is why you should reach reliable hands like us in the industry who deal with the business as a standard service provider of so many years now. Our terms and conditions are an open book.

Defendant’s Delay

Anyone can test or check the clauses with our staff or seek the help of the external attorneys. We make the terms clear and the interest rates considerable lower compared to what is being offered in the industry for the litigation funding. Your attorney can assist you in the procurement of a cash advance or even with the application. Processing a claim can take time, so with the defendant’s delaying you need the services of a reputable funding company when seeking a lawsuit cash advance.

The overall task of getting approval will be simple when the documentation is completed and handled by the best funding company in the business. Litigation funding for you is ready here, call us now to get your money in as little as a week. These advances can assist you in waiting for your settlement and not having to accept the first offer because of incurred debt.

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James Sheridan - Pegasus Funding

James Sheridan is the Contracts Manager at Pegasus Legal Funding LLC and is responsible for the final stage of the funding approval process. James focus and priority is delivering to PLF’s clients the funds they need as quickly as possible
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