Medical Malpractice and Pegasus Legal Funding

You have Piles of Medical Bills

You needed emergency treatment, but you wound up getting hurt worse thanks to a careless doctor that wasn’t paying attention. Not only is this frightening, it can be terrifying to know that a doctor you once trusted cannot manage to treat people properly. If you are looking at expensive medical bills due to a malpractice suit you can rely on a lawsuit cash advance to pay them. Lawsuit funding can help you keep track of your finances until you determine how you are going to manage the situation.

Let a Lawsuit Advance Manage other Expenses

As your bills start coming due you might find it overwhelming to try to deal with all of these responsibilities while treating an unexpected injury and dealing with building your lawsuit. You can cut down on a lot of this stress by investing in lawsuit funding before your case goes to court. That way if you need to take some time to go to therapy or meet with your attorney you will not have to worry about whether or not you have enough money in the bank. Your lawsuit advance will cover the bills until you can get back on your feet.

Use a Lawsuit Advance to Compensate Your Salary

In severe cases of medical malpractice you might not be able to work anymore. You will be able to get disability to help cover your living expenses, but this can take months to set up. In the meantime you can use a lawsuit settlement cash to cover the costs of getting disability for yourself and covering your regular bills in the meantime. You can also use pre-settlement funding as a way to make up the difference in income that comes when you are forced to take disability instead of your regular salary.

Don’t put Off Treatment

Medical malpractice injuries will often require additional surgeries or therapies to help correct. Putting off this treatment could limit your ability to recover at the fullest potential. If you are worried about racking up extra medical bills with so many other responsibilities on your plate you can use a legal settlement cash advance to cover these expenses until you decide how these different bills should be paid. Once your case has been settled your pre-settlement funding will be paid off which eliminates any worry that you will pay bills you can’t afford out of pocket.

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