No Time to Wait

John was working on a railroad expansion project when he fell into a hole that had not been properly blocked off. Under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act, the railway company had a duty to provide a safe work environment for John. The railroad company failed to do so. John does not have to worry that he will not receive compensation for his injury because the railway company breached the duty it had under FELA. However, the railroad company is trying to pay John as little as possible. Although FELA ensures that John recovers, FELA does not make the process automatic. John’s attorney explains it will still take time to get his personal injury settlement.

John does not have time to spare. He is out of work and his bills are starting to pile up. He does not know how he is going to get by. He is already behind on his rent, car payment, and electric bill. He needs his settlement now. John’s attorney suggests that John look into lawsuit funding .

This scenario happens frequently. Companies typically take their time getting money to the personal injury victim. Even individuals with solid cases sometimes need money before they can get their settlement. Pegasus Legal Funding understands that waiting for a settlement can be very difficult. We make this process easier by providing lawsuit funding for individuals who need money before they are able to get their personal injury settlement. If you need lawsuit funding do not wait. Give Pegasus Legal Funding a call today.


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