Non-Recourse Funding - What Does it Mean?

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Non-recourse advance mean the simple fact that you have no obligation to repay the amount in fulsome to the lender when you are not receiving your expected settlement from the courts of law. It is where there is no risk for you while there is a complete risk for the legal funding firm. Yes, Non-Recourse lawsuit finance are zero risks offer for the plaintiffs. Under miserable circumstances to face with, all that the personal injury sufferer will want is something that involves no risk at all. Of course, they are in need of money badly, but they cannot take any more hassles in the form of risks associated towards the borrowing of money. Hence, they resort to take the Non-Recourse legal cash advance.

Non-Recourse are offered in the complete risk taken by the legal funding agency. It is written off during the release of money from their kitty that it might not come back if the case is lost. Imagine then, how they got to thoroughly ascertain the case, so as to come to a conclusion on whether or not to issue approval for lawsuit fundings to any particular case. And since this is not a lawsuit loan where there are credit and background check, you need not worry about anything except the quality of your case.

Still, all they take is just a couple of days or so at the most to get things done. Also, with your best cooperation of submitting all the documents needed in time, you can get the Pegasus’s approval process is accomplished faster than you actually expect it to happen. The attorney can just sign the funding contract from his or her own office and fax it to the Pegasus Funding. Initially they need to send the documentation request to the legal funding agency officials to clearly present the case details to the funding firm. And since lawsuit loans are from lending companies and not a risk free finance such as the one from Pegasus Funding, there are no repayment schedules, no risk of falling behind let alone be responsible for the lawsuit loan even when you lose your case. Pegasus offers an excellent alternative to lawsuit loans, a non-recourse cash advance where we take the risks since in this financial arrangement if you lose, you owe us nothing.

With the documentation received from the attorney the underwriting officials will start to do their analysis and final evaluation based upon the documents provided to them. Hence, to get things done in your favour or in other words, to positively get the legal financing, you just go through the details mentioned in the website, and make sure all the documents are available with you readily in hand, ahead of your application. Moreover, there are some eligibility criteria to get the cash for any one. You should go through all such details and confirm if you are a qualified case to apply for a lawsuit cash advance in the first place. If you have any doubts or clarifications you can write to the officials or call them or email them too. Everything can be done online these days without having to travel anywhere.
Your needed papers will be informed to you ahead of your application and you can make the arrangements accordingly. When you have finally successfully submitted all the needed papers to the underwriting officials, then they will evaluate the case based upon the supporting documents. There are plenty of issues that they take into consideration to decide Pegasus Legal Funding’s approval.

In fact, the reputation of the attorney that you had hired will also be taken into serious consideration to release the funds. If they do not see any meritorious track record in the attorney’s career then it is most likely that they might disapprove the case. It is because they have no rights to indulge in the court proceedings, legal assistance to the attorney of yours, and so on. It is just purely the attorney of yours and the court that is going to deal with the case further.

If the attorney is not efficient to pull it off in your favour or the Government prosecutor that is attending the case is a highly experienced candidate compared to your ordinary lawyer, then there is no approval done for the funding. Likewise, there are plenty of reasons for your settlement loans to be approved or rejected based upon merit. Hence, when you are awarded with one of the best kind be satisfied and convinced about what you have got as it is just a cash advance at the end of the day. You may not have to repay in the event you have lost the case.

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James Sheridan is the Contracts Manager at Pegasus Legal Funding LLC and is responsible for the final stage of the funding approval process. James focus and priority is delivering to PLF’s clients the funds they need as quickly as possible

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