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A collision or car accident on your way to work, failure of a safety device causing injury while at work, or other actions or negligence from someone else qualify for workman’s compensation third party. Injuries caused while at work and attributable to the negligence or actions of others may also entitle you to a third party labor and industries claim. In some situations employees may not have the right to sue co-workers or employers under Workers’ Compensation Law. If your work injury resulted from another party’s action or if the place where the accident happened was an off site job location, you may be entitled to additional benefits through third party claim, since the accountability for negligence would still rest with third parties.

Third Party Claims are Different from Workers’ Compensation Claims

Employers are required by state as well as federal laws to adhere to wide ranging safety protocols to ensure workplace safety. Yet, year after year death and serious injuries while at work continue unabated. In most of these instances, the employees receive very little damages under workers’ compensation benefits and are far too inadequate to meet ongoing costs resulting from a workplace accident. With a third party claim, you are also opening up the doors for a lawsuit cash advance.

However, prosecuting a third party claim and receiving a settlement can be a time consuming exercise. But, some of your expenses just cannot wait. Your ability to raise a fresh loan is compromised. This is precisely where a lawsuit cash advance comes in handy and takes away the pressure of having to accept a significantly lower settlement to tide over the difficult phase.

No Limit to Compensation Claim

The advantage with third party damages is that it does not put a limit to the compensation amount that an injured worker can seek. It gives you the ability to cover wage-loss, additional medical expense, pain/suffering of your own self or your loved ones. Workman’s compensation 3rd party claims may also include

• Vehicle accidents in the course of performing a job
• Injuries at work at a site belonging to entities different from your employer
• Defective products or equipment causing injuries
• Construction accidents and injuries
• Accidents caused by heavy machinery
• Industrial explosions
• Toxic exposure
• Scaffolding accidents
• Burns
• Sexual assault or harassment
• Not providing security

Opportunity to Put Up A Fair Fight

The extent and type of legal representation and resources available to employees are often unavailable to workers. A fair fight is possible only with the help of experienced attorneys with adequate exposure and experience in handling Workman’s compensation 3rd party settlements. At Pegasus funding LLC, we specialize in assisting you put up a fair fight through competent legal counsel so that your financial burden from an unfortunate workplace accident can be minimized. Once the suit is instituted, you can also consider a lawsuit cash advance, depending on the merits of the case.

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