Pegasus is no ordinary "Legal Funding" company.

Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC

We are no ordinary “Legal Funding” company. We stand in the shoes of our clients to fully evaluate the circumstances surrounding their individual cases in order to provide the most competitive rates and sensible advance amounts. We go the extra mile to provide unsurpassed client satisfaction.

We Help Those Who Need It Most

Many different types of legal matters, particularly personal injury cases, may take several years to resolve. At any given stage during the lengthy legal process, claimants may typically find themselves in dire need of financial support. Pegasus Legal Funding can be that financial support. We would provide reasonable cash advances to claimants for everyday living expenses such as food, medical bills, rent, or mortgage payments. As a result, a claimant can proceed with his or her life in as normal a fashion as possible since the claimant will be alleviated of the financial burdens of everyday living. The claimant’s attorney can then properly and thoroughly proceed with the claimant’s matter.

What is the application process?

We contact your attorney’s office to obtain the documents relating to your case. We review the facts and estimate the settlement range. Typically we will advance up to 20% of what we estimate you will recover from your lawsuit. If approved we will fax an agreement to your attorney’s office. Once you and your attorney sign the contract the funds are sent to you by overnight mail. The whole process can be completed in as little as 4 hours pending receipt of required documentation from your attorney. If you lose your case you keep the money you received and owe us nothing.

Have Been Injured and Need an Attorney?

If you have been injured in any type of accident or incident and are looking to retain a competent attorney that will fight to get you the money you deserve, please contact us below. We have seen thousands of cases and have worked with hundreds of different law firms across United States. We will review your case for free and without any obligation, and will match you with an attorney who has the experience and expertise to provide you with the best legal representation possible.

Pegasus Legal Funding will go the extra mile to provide unparallelled client satisfaction.


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