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Personal Injury Lawsuits - 9 Important Things You Should Know

We make legal loans on lawsuits to victims seeking lawsuit cash. Call today and get started! The purpose of a personal injury lawsuit is to provide victims of accidents involving another party with the much needed financial stability. Workplace accidents, traffic accidents, accidents caused by defective products, dental/medical accidents, and accidents while on holiday are some of the common causes of personal injury lawsuits. If you have been a victim in one of these circumstances and intend to proceed with a lawsuit, you should consider some of the important factors upfront, and more importantly factor in your ability to carry on with your life even as you find the right steps to file a lawsuit. At Pegasus Legal Funding LLC., we provide you with pre settlement funding, which represents the cash that you can utilize for running your life during the period of trial. You will enjoy the liberty to use this cash in any manner you deem fit, including utility bills, groceries, medical expenses and son on. No credit check or up front fees is involved and in the unfortunate event of your losing the trial, you are not under obligation to repay the funding you received. Here are the important things that you should know up front before instituting the lawsuit.

Credit cards

Assuming you have adequate credit available, the expenses can be charged to your credit cards. But, except when your attorney is very confident of your winning the case, it may not be a wise move to charge legal expenses to your credit card, though you may have fewer options in some instances.


If you have affluent friends or family members you can borrow the cash for your expenses concerning the lawsuit. This option could be tough since you could be in a very disadvantageous position if you lose the lawsuit. Borrowing from home equity is again a risky proposition for the same reason and could be worse than the credit card option since your mortgage loan will go up and your home equity is either diminished or erased. Credit card option on the other hand represents an unsecured debt.

Cash advance/Legal funding

Cash Advance which is also termed as lawsuit cash advance is the final option before you. This is the most typical way to find the cash you need to meet your living expenses or finance the lawsuit till such time a settlement is reached. A major advantage with the lawsuit cash advance is that it is a no-recourse advance. In simple terms, this would mean that in the event of your losing the lawsuit, you don’t owe the lender anything – not a penny. Thus, funding your lawsuit with a lawsuit cash advance from Pegasus Funding is the safest way before you. A lawsuit cash advance is more expensive compared to a mortgage loan or credit card charge, but at Pegasus, you will find the funding charges to be most competitive compared to industry standards.

Cash when you need it most against a pending lawsuit to pay for:-

• Medical expenses
• Living expenses
• Paying utility bills
• Replacement vehicle
• Other needs

What makes Lawsuit cash advance different?

• Lawsuit cash advance is wholly unsecured
• Lawsuit cash advance is wholly non-recourse meaning no repayment obligation if you lose the suit.
• Lawsuit cash advances are not reported to credit bureaus
• This is not a lawsuit loan, it is a legal funding

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James Sheridan is the Contracts Manager at Pegasus Legal Funding LLC and is responsible for the final stage of the funding approval process. James focus and priority is delivering to PLF’s clients the funds they need as quickly as possible
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