What To Do If You Have Been

WHAT TO DO IF YOUHAVEBEEN . If you have been involved in an accident, you should contact the proper authorities immediately. For instance, if you have been in a car wreck, you should notify the police and have a police report made for the accident. You should also go to the emergency room or hospital to be evaluated. Even if you do not think you are injured, you should still have a doctor do an evaluation. If there are injuries, the doctor records will be important to proving your personal injury case .

You should follow your doctor’s instructions regarding your injuries. If a doctor tells you not to go to work, you need to listen. If you go to work against doctor’s orders, you could make the injury worse. The defendant is liable only for injuries that are a result of the accident and will probably not be liable for injuries you cause by failing to obey doctor orders.

Some personal injury victims are reluctant to miss work for their injuries. Many personal injury victims need money and do not feel like they can afford to miss work. However, Pegasus Legal Funding provides an option for individuals who need to miss work, but cannot afford the decrease in income.

Pegasus Legal Funding provides money to personal injury victims who need money while they wait for their personal injury settlement. This money can be used to make up for the loss of income and the increased expenses resulting from the personal injury. If you need to miss work, but cannot afford the decrease in income, give Pegasus Legal Funding a call.

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