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Premises liability arises under the United States Tort law and represents instances wherein an individual is injured due to negligence attributable to the premises owner. Several conditions like snow or ice, water, poor lighting, sudden changes to flooring, or hidden hazards like hole or gap in the ground that is hard to see can potentially contribute a slip and fall and consequent premises liability lawsuit. Older people are more prone to slip and fall injuries although younger people can also suffer serious injuries depending on the nature of the incident and the circumstances.

Premises Liability

Once a premises liability lawsuit is filed, it can potentially take several years before a settlement is reached. It is never easy for your attorney to prove negligence on the part of the premises owner. Apart from this, premises owners generally have deep pockets and they can influence the protraction of the suit through a series of delay tactics. When the injuries are of a serious nature, the plaintiff can face significant financial problems from inability to attend normal work and or added medical expenses. This situation may be compounded where the injury takes several weeks to heal and the pay checks stop coming.

To mitigate the suffering of the plaintiffs at least partially, the financial industry has evolved legal funding products and premise liability lawsuit cash belongs to this basket. Among the major advantages of this loan, the absence of a credit check and income verification is very helpful to the plaintiff. In a situation like this fresh credit may be difficult to come by and available limits have been used up. The legal funding companies have a perfect understanding of this situation. Therefore, the premise liability lawsuit loans are offered as ‘no recourse loan’ which in effect means that you are not obliged to repay the loan in the event of the other party winning the suit. In addition to this, the bother of monthly payments will not haunt you since repayments with interest charges and costs are due only against the settlement of your lawsuit.

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Given the soft conditions attached to premises liability lawsuit advances, you should expect to pay higher interest charges and costs. Exploring your options with reference to the costs will position you as an informed borrower. Merely because you considered premises liability lawsuit finance as an option or even got approved by a lender, you are not under obligation to accept the loan. The onus of determining affordability is entirely on you. Once you are convinced, the process of applying for a premises liability lawsuit cash advance is simple and easy. An assessment from your attorney is the mandatory document on which the lender will base his approval. Therefore, you must first speak to your attorney, and chances are that he may recommend reliable legal funding companies for you to work with. The maximum amount that you should expect to receive under this loan is about 20% of your projected settlement.

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