Prempro, Product Liability and lawsuit funding

False Remedies can be Dangerous

Any number of menopause remedies have been proven to be dangerous over the years. Hormones in the body are a very delicate system and it can be very dangerous to try to alter these even if you are doing so to handle other side effects. If you were working with a doctor and they prescribe a hormone altering medication they likely meant well but that does not help you if you wound up experiencing dangerous side effects . If you are debating how to manage this,
consider using lawsuit funding to handle your expenses while you manage your case.

Prempro was Proven to cause Cancer

Prempro was designed to act as a hormone replacement therapy for people experiencing menopause so that the side effects would not be so strong. This is not a foreign concept and there are plenty of medications already designed to do this. However, this particular medication has been found to be dangerous , causing many users to develop breast cancer after taking this medication even for a short amount of time. Many who experienced this are investing in a lawsuit cash advance and heading into court to seek retribution for their suffering.

You Deserve Compensation

If you have gotten sick because you were taking a medication that you were prescribed then you did not do anything wrong. You should not be punished because you were simply following the directions an individual gave you to preserve your health. If you have developed cancer and are trying to manage expensive medical bills then you are not being treated fairly. If you are planning on using a lawsuit to help even things out then you can use a lawsuit settlement plan to cover all of your other bills until you can get your money in hand from your legal case.

Timing is Everything

It is important to look at when the information about Prempro being dangerous went public and when you were prescribed this medication for your menopause symptoms. If the information was already available that you should not be using this medication then your doctor is equally responsible for the health defects you have been experiencing. If you are worried about juggling the financial responsibilities of multiple cases try looking into a lawsuit cash advance to see if you are eligible. This will help you to get the cash you need to manage all of your bills so you don’t fall behind. Call us and ask about how we can help you with a pre-settlement funding.

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