Products Liability and Legal Funding options

Products Liability and Legal Funding Options

You could not have missed the acceleration in recalls by major car manufacturers in recent times. Many of these calls have resulted from a major clamp down by various bodies concerned with automobile safety including auto regulators in Japan, U.S. and China. The consequences of driving a car with dangerous manufacturing defects are well known. In 2013/2014 car manufacturers have recalled millions of cars that include popular names like Toyota Corolla, Matrix, Yaris, etc. Executives at some of the manufacturing units now face massive fines and even criminal proceedings.

Why it is Important for You

While you may be familiar with the recalls, what you may not be aware is that if you are a victim of accidents caused by these manufacturing defects, you have a fit case under personal injury law pinning the responsibility for the accident on the car manufacturer. Since recalls often have a larger dimension, class action suits may be instituted by affected groups of people. But, if you are one who is affected by the manufacturing defect leading to an accident and consequent personal injury, pain and suffering, you are entitled to prosecute your case through an experienced attorney.

Long Drawn Litigation

Admittedly, this type of litigation tends to be long drawn and can potentially consume a couple of years or more. At Pegasus Legal Funding LLC, we have assisted several individuals with settlement funding/lawsuit cash advance in similar circumstances. Settlement funding allows you to endure the delay without compromising on your right to receive a fair settlement as provided under Law. With most insurance carriers working their way to minimize the pay out under a personal injury law suit, the lawsuit cash advance offered by companies like Pegasus Legal Funding LLC, comes as a huge relief for the plaintiffs.

Advantages of Legal Funding

Legal funding , in the first place puts that much needed cash in your hands to tide over a period of financial stress. With most of the credit available having been used up, and other income streams drying up, cash must be found to keep yourself afloat till your lawsuit is settled or a judgment is awarded. Since no income verification or credit check is necessary for legal funding, the process is quick and easy. What is more, it is a no-recourse cash advance which means you pay only from out of the proceeds of your lawsuit. If you lose your lawsuit for any reason, you just walk off and pay nothing to the lender.

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