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The NJ Bus System is Avoiding their Responsibilities

After a 2011 accident a New Jersey woman was left with severe injuries after she was dragged by a bus for several feet. The bag she was carrying got stuck in the door which trapped her alongside the moving vehicle. Since the incident this woman cannot stand for long periods of time without feeling pain and must undergo intense physical therapy to help return her life to normal. She has been using personal injury loans to cover many of these costs while her settlement was managed in court.

This is Not the First Case

While this case is particularly severe it is not the first time someone in New Jersey was injured because a bus driver was not paying enough attention to the events surrounding them. People use these buses every day and rely on them to manage their affairs. They need to know that they can count on public transportation to get them where they need to go without causing devastating injury along the way. Lawsuit cash advance companies encourage individuals to speak up when they see these kinds of accidents occur to prevent more injuries in the future.

New Jersey is Partially to Blame

Bus drivers need to take the time to check around them to prevent accidents, but in many cases their ability to act is limited. They need to stick to a tight schedule and are often trying to drive buses that are not kept up as they should be. To make matters worse, bus drivers are often forced to work long hours without many breaks which wears them out. The state of New Jersey need to acknowledge that some of these practices put the public at risk and an accident loan can be the key tool in making sure this happens.

Think about Long-Term Consequences

Major injuries do not just magically heal. You are going to have pain and side effects which could last the rest of your life. This means you will constantly be paying money out of pocket to deal with the therapy or medications you need to move forward. Instead of paying these expenses out of pocket use a personal injury loan to cover the short-term costs and then make sure that those responsible cover the cost of the damage they have caused. This includes seeking future damages that you anticipate as a direct result of your accident.

How to get Financial Help

Pegasus Funding brings years of experience assisting plaintiffs who have been injured while using public transport. Train, Bus, and even Tram accidents can have a drastic impact on those who have adversely suffered while traveling on public transportation systems. Pegasus can provide you with much needed money that can be used for day to day expenses, even medical treatments. This can dramatically reduce the amount of stress you would endure while waiting for your case to conclude. The civil justice system can try the patience of even the most well versed attorney, and a cash advance will allow to hold out for the settlement you deserve. Pegasus can help, contact us today to find out more:

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