Quadriplegic Awarded $43.1 Million, but an Appeal May Delay Compensation

In 2007, Dzemila Heco was left a quadriplegic after her Dodge Neon was rear-ended while she was waiting at a traffic light. The woman was wearing a seat belt at the time, but she became “unrestrained” when the seat collapsed backward. According to her attorney, Heco requires around-the-clock care the rest of her life. This widow and mother of two can no longer work or provide for her children as she once did.

Six years after the accident, Heco has been awarded $43.1 million in a lawsuit against Johnson Controls, Inc. The jury award included more than $620,000 for past medical bills, $26.5 million for future medical bills and health care expenses, more than $355,000 for past loss of income, more than $1.2 million for future loss of income, and $14.3 million for pain and suffering. Unfortunately, the ordeal may not be over quite yet. A spokesman for Johnson Controls said the company disagrees with the decision and is considering an appeal.

More likely than not, Heco and her two sons have been struggling financially. If an appeal is filed, it may be a year or longer before she receives justice. In these situations, litigation funding may be available to help this family. Litigation funding , a non-recourse cash advance, is intended to help those in dire financial straits; those facing enormous bills as a result of serious injuries or loss of a loved one. Although the money can be used for anything the client wishes, it is meant to help with the critical expenses such as mortgage payments, car payments, medical bills, therapy, wheelchair, home modifications or a special vehicle for transportation and other incidental expenses a quadriplegic faces daily.

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Max Alperovich is a Partner and co-founder of Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC. Max was an early adopter and identified third-party litigation funding as a mutually beneficial endeavor for both client and funder relationships.


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