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Janet Keyzer is a 59-year-old nurse, who has a Ph.D. in human and community development. She worked for the UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research as an administrative nurse researcher. In November 2007, she was terminated from her job because she reported some ethical issues on the university’s Community Oriented Pain-Management Exchange Program.

Keyzer began working on the program in December 2006. The program performed several research projects on physically and mentally disabled inmates. Keyzer questioned if the project has gotten the consent of its human patients. She expressed her concerns to her supervisor, who became hostile and rude towards her. This continued until her termination in November 2007.

Fight for Ethical Rights

Everyone deserves to be treated like a human being, even if they have physical or mental disabilities. Janet Keyzer had great courage in questioning something she thought was not ethically correct. Although it resulted to the loss of her job , she still pursued the case. As a result, she was awarded $730,000 for the damages caused when she became the whistleblower on the unethical methods of the university’s pain management research project on prison inmates.

A Lengthy Legal Battle

Cases like this are a very lengthy process. It could take months or years before a verdict is finalized. Litigants may be drained emotionally, mentally as well as financially. Because of court hearings, they cannot work on a regular basis, which is why they cannot earn the money they need to fund their court cases. A settlement loan can help litigants like Keyzer to fund their legal battles.

Pegasus Legal Funding LLC is one of the many settlement funding companies that help litigants, who are going through a prolonged lawsuit. Litigants can use the money from a legal funding to be able to continue paying for their attorney’s fees as well as case-related expenses.

A Legal Funding Company You Can Trust

Funding companies such as Pegasus Legal Funding LLC aims to ease the financial burden of many litigants. We can provide funding services to people who need it the most. It is a fact that a continuing legal battle is no laughing matter. It is very expensive and can leave many negative results to a litigant’s life.

We can provide litigants with legal funding solutions that are helpful in financially assisting litigants’ court cases. They can use the money to pay for their daily expenses, monthly bills as well as legal fees. Litigants can seek our help in order to find the best possible financial solution for them. We can assist you in your financial troubles. You do not have to worry too much about paying us back since your settlement pays for the advance.

Our company also offers Non-Recourse Funding. This funding absolves you from paying us back if you lose your case. We aim to give you the benefit of not having to worry about your finances while you still have an ongoing court case. Therefore, your win is also our victory.

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