Settlement Funding vs. Lawsuit Advances

Settlement Funding

Settlement funding is an advance on the money you will receive in the course of your settlement but have not yet received.

Lawsuit Advances

A lawsuit advance is a sum of money given to you before your case sees any results. This type of fund is called lawsuit advance. Pegasus Funding for instance, provides reliable advanced cash with a non-recourse basis for a lawsuit case. With that policy, an individual can have the flexibility to pay or not to pay back the advanced cash depending on the case result. This fund has benefited numbers of people with legal problems. It gives you true relief that you can have financial settlement and continue your daily routine as usual without being affected by cash shortage.

Pegasus Funding analyzes your case before deciding to give you the advances. If they are willing to give you the money, it means that you have an opportunity to win the case and repay it back. When you have the cash in hand, you can continue your case to the next level. This idea is wiser than obtaining money from a traditional loan provider. A loan will force you to pay back after the due date expires. This will not be a good financial solution because you cannot settle anything with a loan.

Pegasus does not offer lawsuit loans

What’s more, a loan requires you to pay monthly fees that you may not able to afford because of your injuries and the absence of work. The advanced lawsuit funding is applicable for a number of lawsuit types. It can include automotive accidents, injuries, medical malpractice, or compensation cases for workers. These are just some among various cases you can file for an advance.

Pegasus Legal Funding LLC is a direct funder No Broker Fees

Generally, an interview is conducted to make sure that you have adequate data for your case to proceed. You can ask your attorney on behalf of you, to provide the legal documents for the funding company. Once everything is set, you can sign the agreement. Before your case is won, Pegasus Funding will be the one to aid you with your finance. The funds have particular interest rate that you need to pay after your case is won. Normally, it takes 1.3% for the lowest rate.

Please remember that nothing Pegasus Funding offers is to be considered to be a lawsuit loan, lawsuit loans, pre-settlement loans or a pre-settlement loan. Our programs are risk free, if you lose your case you keep the cash and owe us nothing. Are you ready to begin, just complete the online form or call to speak with one of highly training legal funding experts

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