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The ins and outs of Legal Funding You can find out more by calling a Pegasus Legal Funding representative and we’ll answer all your questions and help you get the money you need. Call us now at 855-FUND-YOU   855-386-3968 Lawsuit settlement loans function as follows: Who is eligible for a lawsuit... Read more →

Ever since our company started in the business, many people have come to seek help in terms of their financial needs for several reasons. Legal funding is a usual option when an individual or a family faces unforeseen crisis secondary to car accidents, medical malpractice and even animal attacks.... Read more →

The consumer lawsuit funding debate has many sides and interests just like any other debates. There are several sides to different stories and arguments. You need to know the players as well as their motivations in order to understand the debate. The Insurance Industry and Lawsuit Targets Companies and industries such... Read more →
Cash Advance Loans

A lot of individuals have used the term lawsuit loans over the years, but experts have rebuffed it, as the term is apparently nonexistent. When you talk about getting a loan, it is an amount that you borrow from and have to pay, within an agreed period, to a financier.... Read more →

Owning a piece of property requires responsibility. A property owner should make sure that his property is safe not only for himself and for his family but also for other people. The law recognizes the importance of this; hence, the premises liability law . The said law holds property owners... Read more →

Car accidents are a common occurrence in the United States. They can happen anywhere and at just about any time. It can happen even while you are stopping on a red light. Let’s take the case of Ted and his wife, for example. Ted and his wife Martha were... Read more →

The negligence of other people can cost the lives of our loved ones. Because of their recklessness, not only do we suffer emotionally but financially as well. If our loved one who passed away was the breadwinner of our homes, it can be devastating for the whole family. We face... Read more →

The foundation of insurance and peace mind People do the most evil things, especially when it involves money. Anyone can be a victim , especially when perpetrators sense your vulnerability. Some of the most common victims nowadays are the elderly. For criminals, the elderly of senior citizens are the perfect victims... Read more →

While you are still in the process of fighting for a better compensation for your injuries, you may find it difficult to fund your personal injury lawsuit. Since you have no means of earning a living, you have difficulty in paying for your daily expenses , basic needs and monthly... Read more →

Introductory words about Consumer Legal Funding Dispute Generally, any kind of transaction in which an appeal in a lawsuit is applied as a method of obtaining financing is called legal funding. There are used various modes of legal funding trades, with the important difference between these types being constituted by... Read more →

When You might Need Financing There are a variety of reasons why people turn to lawsuit funding companies. In most cases these individuals are disabled or were injured causing them to file a lawsuit. They are counting on this lawsuit to pay for their medical expenses and other bills, but... Read more →

The population in today’s world is eligible and it has grown dramatically. It is important to recognize the parties and their involvement in the legal field. The key players of the legal funding are the clients, the brokers, the lawyers and the underwriter. This key player has the important role... Read more →

Finding Easy Finding If you are in the process of filing a lawsuit you might find that you are in need of lawsuit cash advance. These are not lawsuit loans, but rather a legal lien which can help you keep up your finances when you are going through legal difficulties.... Read more →

There was this news of a man who sued the company he worked for because he contracted an acute chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in the workplace due to exposure to petro-chemicals every day. The disease renders the person difficulty in breathing and this will progress over time. The... Read more →

Speaking out is Hard to Do If you know individuals around you are doing something they shouldn’t or taking advantage of legal loopholes that are hurting others you have a responsibility to speak up . The problem is more often than not people don’t reward whistleblowers, but punish them for... Read more →

Your Employer should Not Hold You Back No matter what reason you have for seeking other employment you have the right to do so at any time. If you are not getting any attention for jobs that you are qualified for, you might suspect that there is something else going... Read more →
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Is a Lawsuit Cash Advance a Lawsuit Loan? Plain and simple A Lawsuit Cash Advance is not a Lawsuit Loan. Unlike traditional lawsuit loans, there aren’t any credit or employment background checks. In fact with a Pegasus legal funding, there aren’t any monthly payment schedules. Our lawsuit cash advances... Read more →

Pegasus Legal Funding LLC, a business you can trust and depend on for your lawsuit funding needs. There are no shortages of Pre-settlement funding companies, Google can attest to that. But there are only a handful of reputable and accredited direct legal funders. And only a handful are... Read more →

False Remedies can be Dangerous Any number of menopause remedies have been proven to be dangerous over the years. Hormones in the body are a very delicate system and it can be very dangerous to try to alter these even if you are doing so to handle other side effects.... Read more →

It was some 4 decades ago that the California government stipulated the maximum amount of money that injured patients could receive in malpractice lawsuits with respect to non economic damages. In spite of the years that have rolled by, the cap of $250,000 remains unadjusted to keep pace with... Read more →
wrongful conviction

Imagine someone having to spend twenty or more of his/her prime years in prison, merely because of wrongful imprisonment. In recent times, New York alone has witnessed a series of exoneration’s freeing people wrongfully convicted The pain is aggravated when you also know that it took under 10 minutes... Read more →

At Pegasus Legal Funding LLC , it is relatively simple qualifying for lawsuit cash advance. We consider certain minimal basic requirements while accepting litigation funding applications. The initial benchmarks to qualify are enumerated below: 1. An attorney must have been hired by the applicant on contingency fee agreement. This would mean... Read more →
Johnson and Johnson Vaginal Mesh

Johnson and Johnson Vaginal Mesh case Did you know that you can file a personal injury lawsuit for a defective medical product causing significant pain, suffering and injury? Generally, such instances do not happen in isolation and the same product would have inflicted similar injuries on several others who used... Read more →

Legal Funding has been around for over two decades now and several thousand Americans have derived benefit from this legal funding method. For those who do not qualify for another form of debt, the legal finance presents itself as an excellent alternative. This is particularly so, because there is... Read more →
Lawsuit Funding Underwriting

Lawyers, briefs and lawsuits are among many other things that are quite confusing to digest. The official phrases, the formal language and everything else in between, might seem intimidating if you are involved in the lawsuit issue. There are terms that may just be awkward for us to listen... Read more →

Get things done online in just a matter of a few minutes and then rest to focus on your physical recovery from the personal injury. It is pretty easy to file an application online for litigation funds. Plaintiffs from all over Utah, such as Beaver, Cache, Washington, Daggett, Duchesne, Garfield,... Read more →

Lawsuit Cash Advance Loan – No Broker Fees for Pennsylvania Nursing home negligence cases and medical malpractices are some of the peculiar cases that are not taken into consideration at times by some of the funding agencies out there for funding. Approval of Lawsuit Pre-Settlement Cash Advance is based upon... Read more →

Louisiana Residents Can Get Legal Funding from Pegasus There is zero risk involved for you in the attempt to procure an advance. All you have to do is just fill in the application, and then once approved, ask your attorney to do the rest. Money hits your bank account from then... Read more →

There are not many Hawaii lawsuit cash advance funding firms. Even out of all of the available options to find the best service provider, this is quite rare. Services should be top class while conforming to the following needs is essential: • Rates of interests per month should be lower • Maximum... Read more →

Low cost advance funds are meant for the personal injury victims. Personal injury lawyers will possess the first hand information pertaining to their clients case. When you are running your case with a reliable attorney, then you can ask the lawyer to do the needful. Lawsuit cash advance lending firms... Read more →

Special Rate for those submitting using the Apply Today form Enter SAVE4U in the low rate code to get a reduced rate and speed up the process! You are here because you’re involved in a lawsuit and are waiting for the outcome of the case, but need money now. But did... Read more →

$17 million verdict for Newark woman dragged by NJ Transit bus in 2011 The Star-Ledger NEWARK — A Newark woman dragged nearly 25 feet when her string bag caught in the door of an NJ Transit bus in 2011 won a $17 million verdict …

Need is the determining factor here. You can opt to choose to go in compromise with the other party. The other party is nothing but the person who caused the injury. You can accept to the terms of the person as well as the insurance company of his own, and... Read more →

Pegasus Legal Funding works hard to ensure that personal injury victims get the money they need when they need it. We can often provide personal injury victims with the money they need within twenty-four hours of receiving a complete application. This is a much better alternative than... Read more →

Is a non-recourse cash advance a loan? No!!! Non-recourse cash advances offered by Pegasus Legal Funding provides many distinct benefits that are not provided by traditional loans. Non-recourse cash advances are simply cash advances based on the expected proceeds of your legal claim. The following... Read more →

Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC Is Preparing to Provide Even Better … PR Newswire (press release)-Jan 23, 2014 Pegasus Legal Funding levels the playing field between personal injury victims and deep-pocket defendants. Pegasus Legal Funding gives …

Across the United States of America, some 50,000 precious lives are lost every year due to motor vehicle accidents. Apart from the lives lost, there is an equal or more number of people suffering various degrees of injuries due to road accidents. Auto Accident Lawsuit funding is an innovative pre... Read more →
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Pegasus Legal Funding offers the lowest rates in the legal funding industry. Many legal funding companies claim to have low rates. However, Pegasus Legal Funding guarantees our rates are lower than anyone else in the legal funding industry. In fact, if Pegasus Legal Funding... Read more →

It is important to do your research before you accept funding from a legal funding company. Many legal funding companies have much higher rates than Pegasus Legal Funding. So, it is important to know what interest rates the company charges on the funding before you accept funding. ... Read more →