Dealing with an Auto Accident is Difficult An auto accidents can leave you in a very difficult financial situation. Between dealing with the expense of replacing your vehicle as well as the legal expenses that will arise during this time, you may find yourself in need of legal cash that... Read more →

When distracted driving from another vehicle causes you a personal injury, do not hesitate to contact us or apply with us for a cash advance against your potential lawsuit. Distracted driving in the United States kills 9 and injures over 1,060 people every single day! Distracted driving is defined... Read more →
Car Accident can place financial burdens

Legal Minimums Don’t Mean Much Every state has a minimum level of insurance that drivers have to carry in order to maintain their driver’s license. This is designed to cover the basic damage that could occur if they were to get into an accident with someone. The basic problem with... Read more →

Are you a plaintiff desperate for some kind of financial assistance or the other? You are already lucky though! Yes, you are fortunate enough already as you in the right spot to get the best assistance on the web ever. Legal Finances are awarded here for lowest possible interest rates.... Read more →
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AT THIS TIME, PEGASUS FUNDING LLC IS NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM RESIDENTS OF OKLAHOMA A Free analysis from Pegasus Legal Funding LLC can be done to see if your particular case is eligible for Non-recourse funds. Plaintiffs that are looking to get some financial assistance will definitely find this opportunity to... Read more →

Case Evaluation Done for FREE for New Hampshire Live free or die, I say live free from the financial stresses associated with the strains plaintiffs face when involved in a lawsuit. It is quite common that the medical expenses following a personal injury can be stressful to plaintiffs in most cases.... Read more →

When you come to us for Plaintiff cash advance you have very many benefits. You can be able to cover all your expenses and still find money in excess to be reserved for further expenditure all until your recovery. Maximum amount of money can be obtained here with us... Read more →
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AT THIS TIME, PEGASUS FUNDING LLC IS NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM RESIDENTS OF MARYLAND Call us at 855-FUND-YOU/855-386-3968 Pegasus Funding can no longer fund residents of Maryland. before negative case law, residents of Maryland you did not have to wait for your case to settle with Pegasus Funding. You have the... Read more →

Louisiana Residents Can Get Legal Funding from Pegasus There is zero risk involved for you in the attempt to procure an advance. All you have to do is just fill in the application, and then once approved, ask your attorney to do the rest. Money hits your bank account from then... Read more →

Indiana Residents Get Financial Assistance for your Pending Lawsuit Do you need cash right now to pay your bills? Don’t panic Indiana the Litigation financing firm; Pegasus Legal Funding LLC can come to your rescue to provide adequate financial support that you need. In fact, one of the best methods of... Read more →

$17 million verdict for Newark woman dragged by NJ Transit bus in 2011 The Star-Ledger NEWARK — A Newark woman dragged nearly 25 feet when her string bag caught in the door of an NJ Transit bus in 2011 won a $17 million verdict …

Across the United States of America, some 50,000 precious lives are lost every year due to motor vehicle accidents. Apart from the lives lost, there is an equal or more number of people suffering various degrees of injuries due to road accidents. Auto Accident Lawsuit funding is an innovative pre... Read more →