Settlement loans require much thought

Lawsuit Loans should only be used in emergency situations Most, if not all legal counsel is familiar with legal funding so they will be prepared on how the process works. If your attorney has not experienced first-hand participating with a legal funding , it is a straight forward simple process... Read more →
Settlement Loans and your rights

The ins and outs of Legal Funding You can find out more by calling a Pegasus Legal Funding representative and we’ll answer all your questions and help you get the money you need. Call us now at 855-FUND-YOU   855-386-3968 Lawsuit settlement loans function as follows: Who is eligible for a lawsuit... Read more →
Car Accident can place financial burdens

Legal Minimums Don’t Mean Much Every state has a minimum level of insurance that drivers have to carry in order to maintain their driver’s license. This is designed to cover the basic damage that could occur if they were to get into an accident with someone. The basic problem with... Read more →

Are you a plaintiff desperate for some kind of financial assistance or the other? You are already lucky though! Yes, you are fortunate enough already as you in the right spot to get the best assistance on the web ever. Legal Finances are awarded here for lowest possible interest rates.... Read more →
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AT THIS TIME, PEGASUS FUNDING LLC IS NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM RESIDENTS OF OKLAHOMA A Free analysis from Pegasus Legal Funding LLC can be done to see if your particular case is eligible for Non-recourse funds. Plaintiffs that are looking to get some financial assistance will definitely find this opportunity to... Read more →

When you come to us for Plaintiff cash advance you have very many benefits. You can be able to cover all your expenses and still find money in excess to be reserved for further expenditure all until your recovery. Maximum amount of money can be obtained here with us... Read more →
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Presettlement financial funding are provided to plaintiffs as cash advances towards the outcome of a pending lawsuit in the court for a trial. It is called as presettlement funding because it is being awarded ahead of the settlement that is to be made to the plaintiff. It can either... Read more →

Can you imagine a mode of getting money which has the following benefits? • You can get from $500 to $1,000,000 • Without any credit checks done (bad credit or no credit are no problem) • There isn’t any verification about your mode of monthly income or a regular job • Without any requirement for collateral (assets... Read more →

You have been the victim of a personal injury . Your life was turned upside down in a matter of seconds. Now, you are having financial difficulties. You can’t make your monthly payments and are afraid you are going to lose everything you have worked for because... Read more →
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Lawsuit money from Pegasus Legal Funding LLC is a cash advance on a personal injury settlement. After a personal injury victim is injured, they will often try to get a settlement to compensate them for the losses they suffered. However, getting a settlement can often take a... Read more →

Personal injury lawsuit funding is a helpful option that a plaintiff has to mitigate some of the financial troubles arising from the aftermath of the accident. In many situations, the victim’s ability to carry on with his/her occupation is compromised and income streams tend to dry up. You have a... Read more →

Understanding Lawsuit settlement cash advances The advertisements that you often get to see on lawsuit settlement cash advances may be pretty enticing. But, before you determine that this is the best option available to find some much needed cash, you should get a firm grip on how a settlement cash advance... Read more →

Lehigh County jury awards family $55 million in medical malpractice Allentown Morning Call A jury on Monday awarded one of the largest verdicts in Lehigh County history when it ordered St. Luke’s University Hospital and one of its doctors to … Read the full story here

Personal Injury Lawsuit Cash Advances Slip and fall injuries occur nearly everyday and the slip and fall injury lawsuit fundings are designed to help the victim mitigate some of the financial consequences. Older people suffering slip and fall injuries may have greater physical disability though age itself may not be a... Read more →
non-recourse cash advance

Is the advance a Loan in which I must eventually pay back? NO! Because it is not a loan, it is a non-recourse legal funding. The non-recourse cash advance is NOT a lawsuit loan, it is only required to be paid back if your case is successful. Therefore, directly... Read more →
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Types Of Funding

Many clients ask us what is the interest rate on a Lawsuit Cash Advance In fact our rates are the lowest in the industry, ranging from 1 percent to 3 percent. The actual interest rate of the Lawsuit Cash Advance is determined by the strength of the applicant’s lawsuit. For... Read more →
Why do I need to have an attorney?

In order to receive a lawsuit cash advance from Pegasus Legal Funding, you must have an attorney representing you in your personal injury case. The main reason Pegasus Legal Funding requires personal injury plaintiffs to have an attorney representing them in order to qualify for legal funding is... Read more →
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Pegasus Legal Funding provides non-recourse cash advances to personal injury plaintiffs. Non-recourse lawsuit funding means that if there is no recovery on the lawsuit the legal funding company loses their investment. Non-recourse lawsuit funding is not near as risky for personal injuries victims as... Read more →
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