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Some people don’t realize that having a good credit can be very beneficial to them. A good credit score means you can make more credit in the future. If you have a good credit score, you will also have your loans easily approved and same as your credit card... Read more →
Why do I need to have an attorney?

In the course of the lawsuit, your attorney is there to help you to win the case. He will also be the person who we will talk to about a few basic things related to your case. It is very important to have a personal injury lawyer who not... Read more →

There will come a time when you will encounter someone who has been a victim of an accident because of other people’s carelessness. Your neighbor may have suffered from a dog attack. You may have slipped while you are strolling along the supermarket. You may even know someone who... Read more →

Things You Should Know about Settlement Loans and Lawsuit cash advances Lawsuit loans and legal funding allow you and your attorney to level the playing field. Facing a lawsuit can be financially stressful, that is where a legal loan can help you through the tough times. . In most cases, a lawsuit... Read more →
Jones Act Lawsuit Loans

Millions of injuries happen each year because of defective products. Because of this, the government passed a law protecting consumers from the negligence of manufacturing companies, wholesalers and retailers. Because of mass production and the irresponsibility of employees involved in production, defective goods are sometimes missed by quality control. These... Read more →
Jones Act Lawsuit Loans

Eye injury, injury from falls, hand and foot injury, head injury and injuries from deck operations are just a few of the most common type of injuries a seaman or seafarer can incur if an accident occurs at the ship he or she is working. The rights of the... Read more →

Legal funding is a financial transaction with special elements that make it different from other types of financial transactions. It is a form of advance but is different from credit card advances or car loans. This type of legal financing is not a lawsuit loan. There may be some similarities... Read more →

It’s An Investment Part One of Two While many perceive legal funding as a loan, it needs to be said that such a claim, while seemingly logical, is inaccurate . Legal funding is actually an investment in a legal case. When one asks the question of what the difference between a loan... Read more →
Legal Finance

A 56-year-old woman named Teresa Gamage was the front passenger in a vehicle that was stopped at a red light intersection in Beverly Hills, California. Another driver hit Gamage’s car from behind at a low speed rate. It did not result to any major damage to Gamage’s car. Right after the... Read more →

Accidents happen, it’s a fact. But, many people think they don’t need an attorney after it. You may think like this – I have car insurance, car accidents happen all the time, so my company is going to take care of it. But, don’t rely on this. Relying only... Read more →

The possibility to have an injury at work is high since tons of situations and events may cause trouble, and may possibly lead to minimal to grave dangers of injury while at the workplace. Furthermore, having an injury while at work may not only affect your physical body but also... Read more →

If only cases are quickly settled and resolved , the plaintiff wouldn’t experience too much financial difficulties. However, it is a given fact that lawsuits take years to be settled and only the people or companies who have enough financial resources and money can go through with it to the... Read more →

Plaintiffs, who are undergoing a lawsuit, are often placed in a disadvantageous situation . Lawsuits have negative effects on a person’s lifestyle. These lawsuits prevent plaintiffs from earning because of their severe injuries. When litigants are stuck in this kind of situation, it is best to seek the help of... Read more →

Reasons Why Litigants Need Lawsuit Funding Now that you and your lawyer have started your legal fight , you are embarking on a long and continuous legal journey. Whether you are a victim of a personal injury, “slip and fall” incident, or a vehicular accident, it is wise to seek the... Read more →

Lawsuits can be prolonged Plaintiffs usually have one problem – finances. This problem could be easily be resolved – the time needed for cases to be settled needs to be minimized. But, this is usually not the case, and the lawsuits can take many years before they settle. And, you’d agree,... Read more →

Pegasus Funding Provides Finances Allowing You to Level the Financial Playing Field Get a fair and equitable settlement Get Funding for Your Legal Case Applying for lawsuit funding is helpful when you are facing financial difficulties . Litigation is frustrating, especially when you are up against a corporation that has plenty of money... Read more →

Funding for Legal Services Companies that offer lawsuit cash advance loans are one of the fastest cash providing options in the United States. These companies are designed to offer fast legal funding which helps individuals manage their expenses during a lengthy court proceeding. These companies have proven themselves amongst legal processionals... Read more →
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A Slip and Fall is Hard to Prove If you had any other medical condition before you experienced a fall, the property owner will try to make it look like this was the cause of your fall. Whether it was a poorly maintained floor or ice outside, it isn’t hard... Read more →