It is official, Pegasus , a leader in the legal funding area is the number one rated pre-settlement funding company in the following areas of expertise: Ease of use. Pegasus make the lawsuit cash advance process simpler and more user friendly. With its release of the smart apps, and online... Read more →
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Some people don’t realize that having a good credit can be very beneficial to them. A good credit score means you can make more credit in the future. If you have a good credit score, you will also have your loans easily approved and same as your credit card... Read more →
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Legal funding solutions are highly necessary when you need legal support but are not able to provide enough funds to go through the process of resolution. Facing a legal case is financially straining, but it is actually good news knowing that there are financing companies that are able to... Read more →

Ever since our company started in the business, many people have come to seek help in terms of their financial needs for several reasons. Legal funding is a usual option when an individual or a family faces unforeseen crisis secondary to car accidents, medical malpractice and even animal attacks.... Read more →
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How to Get Justification of the Judgment and Collecting the Settlement Plaintiffs can also do things to be able to get the settlement they truly deserve with the help of the court. Enforcement officers cans serve the papers to the defendant upon collection. In fact, there are agencies that can... Read more →
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Ryan was cruising along the highway when a truck suddenly went out of control and skidded along the road. Unfortunately, Ryan was not able to escape unharmed because his car slammed at the back of the truck and rolled over several times before stopping. The accident left Ryan hospitalized ... Read more →

If you are resident or work in Louisiana or Texas, Pegasus Funding can assist you with a lawsuit cash advance. If you live elsewhere Pegasus Funding can help you if you have a 3rd party claim in addition to your Workmans’ Compensation On the way to an important... Read more →
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Legal Funding has always been mistakenly known to be the same with a loan. If your main purpose in applying a loan, while waiting for your claim, is to pay for the necessary bills that you are facing, then you will pay it back once you are already done with... Read more →

Legal Funding Rates: What You Need to Understand Legal Funding has always been mistakenly known to be the same as a loan . If your main purpose in applying a loan, while waiting for your claim, is to pay for the necessary bills that you are facing, then you will pay... Read more →

If you are in a personal injury lawsuit, you may suffer emotional, mental and physical traumas. The recovery period may take long; therefore, your medical and your hospital bills will definitely be expensive. Sadly, some personal injury victims do not have the means to sustain their medical treatment. Personal Injury Lawsuit... Read more →

Of all the unfortunate accidents that can befall a person and precipitate the need for a personal injury litigation case, it is arguable that accidents of aviation are the worst. These accidents are often catastrophic and leave much damage to the surrounding area and can cause massive loss and harm... Read more →

Some of us ride the bus daily to go to work, school or home. Generally, it is a safe mode of transportation. It is a safer choice, even, compared to our cars because of its size. We are protected from car accidents and other minor accidents on the road.... Read more →

The foundation of insurance and peace mind People do the most evil things, especially when it involves money. Anyone can be a victim , especially when perpetrators sense your vulnerability. Some of the most common victims nowadays are the elderly. For criminals, the elderly of senior citizens are the perfect victims... Read more →
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Despite its great purpose, legal funding does not always work out for the plaintiff . There are lawsuits that take too long before the final decision. A lengthy legal process forces plaintiffs to owe funding companies a hefty sum of money. In some cases, the plaintiff ends up with nothing... Read more →

Legal Funding Information and You (Part 1) Legal Funding Defined Legal funding describes a financial transaction that is characterized by specific elements that constitute the difference between this and other common types of financial transactions, such as for example advances on your credit card or car loans. The Difference between a Legal Funding... Read more →

The Basic Concepts The concept of lawsuit case loan is non-existent and with the time people have substituted with the name of pre-settlement funding with the lawsuit loan many years now. Loan is something that you need to pay back after certain period of time along with the interest amount over... Read more →

For Personal Injury Plaintiffs A personal injury lawsuit takes a long time before a final judgment . Pegasus Legal Funding bridges the gap during the waiting for the settlement award so bills can be paid. Plaintiffs involved in a personal injury lawsuit cannot work because of their injuries. As a... Read more →

Legal funding is a financial transaction with special elements that make it different from other types of financial transactions. It is a form of advance but is different from credit card advances or car loans. This type of legal financing is not a lawsuit loan. There may be some similarities... Read more →

If you applied for a loan to fund your lawsuit and was denied, now is the perfect time to call Pegasus Legal Funding. We can get you legal financing that you need without the added hassle and the long wait. We provide legal funding solutions to those who are experiencing... Read more →
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Why Pegasus Legal Funding is One of the Best Lawsuit Funding Companies Pegasus Legal Funding understands how hard it is when there is a need to supplement your finances when you have a pending lawsuit. We want to relieve you from the financial stress of debt piling up due to... Read more →

An ongoing lawsuit is very nerve-wracking. Medical bills and monthly financial commitments pile up , which is why litigants undergo so much stress. Pegasus Funding is committed to providing lawsuit funding to prevent them from worrying about their future. We are committed to eliminate stress through our quick lawsuit cash... Read more →

Accidents happen, it’s a fact. But, many people think they don’t need an attorney after it. You may think like this – I have car insurance, car accidents happen all the time, so my company is going to take care of it. But, don’t rely on this. Relying only... Read more →

Find Out Why Why lawsuit fundings exist after all? They were invented with a purpose to help persons who are suffering financial problems while they’re waiting for their case settlement . For some persons, this can be very helpful (some people may experience severe lack of funds for satisfying even basic... Read more →
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Like most people, you may think that you do not need a lawyer or a lawsuit funding after a car accident. You feel like it is normal for a car accident to occur because it is inevitable. You may also think that your insurance company will take care of the... Read more →

Plaintiffs usually deal with deadlines and pressure . If they have suffered from some serious injury, they may also be unable to work for a while. Banks and other institutions usually can’t help in this situation – they can’t lend money without collateral, income, ability to make monthly payments. And... Read more →

Getting any type of lawsuit off the ground in most cases requires professional assistance from your lawyer. Regardless of whether the lawsuit involves a vehicle and its entanglement, a personal injury (like a “slip and fall” claim) or any other type of legal action, its conclusion should always feature... Read more →

Plaintiffs, who are undergoing a lawsuit, are often placed in a disadvantageous situation . Lawsuits have negative effects on a person’s lifestyle. These lawsuits prevent plaintiffs from earning because of their severe injuries. When litigants are stuck in this kind of situation, it is best to seek the help of... Read more →

Pegasus Funding Provides Finances Allowing You to Level the Financial Playing Field Get a fair and equitable settlement Get Funding for Your Legal Case Applying for lawsuit funding is helpful when you are facing financial difficulties . Litigation is frustrating, especially when you are up against a corporation that has plenty of money... Read more →

Ships Still Count as a Workplace If a Marine is injured because a ship was not kept up properly this should not be treated any differently than an employee that is injured in a shop or on a construction site. You deserve worker’s compensation and should not be punished because... Read more →

Jokes at Your Expense are Not Funny Many workplaces avoid dealing with a case of harassment because they claim that the accused party was “just joking.” However, if you found these so-called jokes offensive then you deserve to have your employer put an end to them. If harassing remarks or... Read more →

$40M Verdict Settled on Eve of Appeal Deadline Daily Report (registration) Stone said $65 million was on the line between the $40 million verdict, the $14 million fee award and the interest accruing daily since the trial nearly …

Driving hazards, lawsuits and legal funding It is a dangerous gamble to be driving on the roads these days, with so much traffic, pollution and other types of hazards of the miscellaneous kind as well. Each and every other time when you step in and ride your vehicle on the... Read more →

Actor Tracy Morgan was severely injured and his companions were killed because an overworked truck driver caused an accident on the freeway. Many people are talking about this problem because so many know others that have been put in the same position. If you were injured by a truck... Read more →
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If you have a lawsuit filed or you are planning to file one, it may take years before it gets resolved. Expenses for day to day life, lost wages, as well as medical expenses can really weigh you down. The financial burden can overwhelm a person, especially if they... Read more →

Legal Funding has been around for over two decades now and several thousand Americans have derived benefit from this legal funding method. For those who do not qualify for another form of debt, the legal finance presents itself as an excellent alternative. This is particularly so, because there is... Read more →
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Lawyers, briefs and lawsuits are among many other things that are quite confusing to digest. The official phrases, the formal language and everything else in between, might seem intimidating if you are involved in the lawsuit issue. There are terms that may just be awkward for us to listen... Read more →

One of the major concerns for the plaintiffs while applying for the Money for lawsuits to meet their emergency needs and wants, will be the interest rates that they are being charged with. If you are hesitant to get assistance, you might be piling up your bills, dues and... Read more →

AT THIS TIME, PEGASUS FUNDING LLC IS NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM RESIDENTS OF MARYLAND Call us at 855-FUND-YOU/855-386-3968 Pegasus Funding can no longer fund residents of Maryland. before negative case law, residents of Maryland you did not have to wait for your case to settle with Pegasus Funding. You have the... Read more →