It is official, Pegasus , a leader in the legal funding area is the number one rated pre-settlement funding company in the following areas of expertise: Ease of use. Pegasus make the lawsuit cash advance process simpler and more user friendly. With its release of the smart apps, and online... Read more →
Lawsuit Loands for wrongful conviction

U.S. appeals court upholds $43 million verdict against Nassau County A federal appeals court has upheld a $43 million jury verdict against Nassau County in a lawsuit filed by two men who were exonerated in the 1984 murder and rape of a Lynbrook teenager after serving nearly 18 years in... Read more →
Settlement loans require much thought

In most law firms, attorneys rarely will suggest their clients to get a “settlement loan”. Getting a lawsuit loan should be the last alternative for a plaintiff and used only unless they have absolutely no financial alternatives . Most laypersons have not heard of pre-settlement loans, but there financial... Read more →
Cash Advance Loans

Some people don’t realize that having a good credit can be very beneficial to them. A good credit score means you can make more credit in the future. If you have a good credit score, you will also have your loans easily approved and same as your credit card... Read more →

If you are on the right track, make sure that everything is properly compensated and that you don’t have to shoulder all the expenses on your own. It is actually good news that there are lawsuit funding companies that can help you address your financial problems in case you get... Read more →
Car Accident can place financial burdens

No matter how much you want to be careful while you are on the road , it is undeniable that there are reckless drivers, who could just pop in any minute on your side. You always make sure that you obey the rules of the road, anywhere you want to... Read more →
Car Accident can place financial burdens

Car accidents change your life in an instant. They happen so fast during an unanticipated time. Most automobile accident lawsuits take a few months up to a few years before they are resolved. As a victim, you are left without a job and a means to sustain your expenses. There... Read more →
Jones Act Lawsuit Loans

Legal funding solutions are highly necessary when you need legal support but are not able to provide enough funds to go through the process of resolution. Facing a legal case is financially straining, but it is actually good news knowing that there are financing companies that are able to... Read more →

Ever since our company started in the business, many people have come to seek help in terms of their financial needs for several reasons. Legal funding is a usual option when an individual or a family faces unforeseen crisis secondary to car accidents, medical malpractice and even animal attacks.... Read more →
Jones Act Lawsuit Loans

Since the late 2000s, our company has been eager to provide convenient settlement funding to countless of individuals. The financing company care so much about people who are stressed about facing their lawsuit cases. Here are many types of lawsuit cases that can be covered by the company through... Read more →

When accidents happen in a construction , some employees could be involved in an accident and the construction company or the property owner would be responsible for the issue. However, it should be kept in mind that employees are not the only ones who may meet an accident within or... Read more →

One of the most important considerations in a construction site is safety. Safety measures are required to ensure that accidents are minimized. However, no matter how careful a construction team is at work, accidents are inevitable . In this case, the construction company or property owner may be held accountable... Read more →
Lawsuit Loan

How to Get Justification of the Judgment and Collecting the Settlement Plaintiffs can also do things to be able to get the settlement they truly deserve with the help of the court. Enforcement officers cans serve the papers to the defendant upon collection. In fact, there are agencies that can... Read more →
Jones Act Lawsuit Loans

Working on a ship is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. The sailors, ship crew and staff, and the captain put their lives in danger in order to fulfill their duties and responsibilities. Whether they are transporting important goods or they are surveying the seas, they are... Read more →
Jones Act Lawsuit Loans

Millions of injuries happen each year because of defective products. Because of this, the government passed a law protecting consumers from the negligence of manufacturing companies, wholesalers and retailers. Because of mass production and the irresponsibility of employees involved in production, defective goods are sometimes missed by quality control. These... Read more →
Jones Act Lawsuit Loans

Eye injury, injury from falls, hand and foot injury, head injury and injuries from deck operations are just a few of the most common type of injuries a seaman or seafarer can incur if an accident occurs at the ship he or she is working. The rights of the... Read more →

Car accidents are a common occurrence in the United States. They can happen anywhere and at just about any time. It can happen even while you are stopping on a red light. Let’s take the case of Ted and his wife, for example. Ted and his wife Martha were... Read more →
Lowest rates in the industry

Legal Funding has always been mistakenly known to be the same with a loan. If your main purpose in applying a loan, while waiting for your claim, is to pay for the necessary bills that you are facing, then you will pay it back once you are already done with... Read more →

Some “Case Loans” Full Particulars It is wise for clients to be working closely with their attorneys when considering a “case loan” in order to obtain the best arrangement, and clients would have someone to review the contracts with them. Although lawyers are not compulsory in negotiating terms of a... Read more →

If you are in a personal injury lawsuit, you may suffer emotional, mental and physical traumas. The recovery period may take long; therefore, your medical and your hospital bills will definitely be expensive. Sadly, some personal injury victims do not have the means to sustain their medical treatment. Personal Injury Lawsuit... Read more →

The human brain is the center of our nervous system. A slight damage to it can greatly affect our bodily function. It can cause mental problems, paralysis or even death. Because of such, the matter of brain injury should not be taken lightly. It can take away the opportunity to... Read more →

Animals are man’s loyal companions. However, there are unavoidable instances in which they act upon their instincts and can harm other people. When they feel threatened or excited, they tend to act violently causing physical injury that we can be held liable for. An individual who is injured due to... Read more →

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Loan: A Lending Hand in Receiving the Right Compensation More than a million cases of medical malpractice are reported each year. Many of these medical issues could have been prevented if proper diagnosis and care were given but because of the negligence of medical practitioners, victims are given... Read more →

The stories about someone who has been hurt from an accident due to other people’s negligence are endless. Someone may have a friend who suffered from a dog bite or someone may know a person who slipped while walking at the market. If you experienced or suffered a personal injury because... Read more →

Legal Funding Information and You (Part 1) Legal Funding Defined Legal funding describes a financial transaction that is characterized by specific elements that constitute the difference between this and other common types of financial transactions, such as for example advances on your credit card or car loans. The Difference between a Legal Funding... Read more →

Legal Funding: A Loan or an Investment? Part Two If legal funding is not contingent on the results of the case, there is now a lawyer contingent fee. Legal funders as well as lawyers working on this type of case do not get paid until the litigants do. However, some argue... Read more →

If you applied for a loan to fund your lawsuit and was denied, now is the perfect time to call Pegasus Legal Funding. We can get you legal financing that you need without the added hassle and the long wait. We provide legal funding solutions to those who are experiencing... Read more →

The core definition of legal funding states that the term is used to signify a transaction of any kind in which financing is obtained by using the interest of a person, attorney or company in a legal suing process. When one thinks about the typical, most common form of legal... Read more →

Construction workers are very often dealing with the most fatal work surroundings faced by employees in any industry in one’s own country and abroad. At Pegasus Legal Funding we understand that accidents occurring during construction can be damaging to both the victims and their families. If you are a victim... Read more →

Work injuries happen all the time, they are not unusual. But, have you ever asked yourself what legal options you have if you get hurt while working? made a survey and the results are not so surprising – one in five Americans was injured while working . But, besides obvious... Read more →

Getting any type of lawsuit off the ground in most cases requires professional assistance from your lawyer. Regardless of whether the lawsuit involves a vehicle and its entanglement, a personal injury (like a “slip and fall” claim) or any other type of legal action, its conclusion should always feature... Read more →

If only cases are quickly settled and resolved , the plaintiff wouldn’t experience too much financial difficulties. However, it is a given fact that lawsuits take years to be settled and only the people or companies who have enough financial resources and money can go through with it to the... Read more →

Pegasus Funding Provides Finances Allowing You to Level the Financial Playing Field Get a fair and equitable settlement Get Funding for Your Legal Case Applying for lawsuit funding is helpful when you are facing financial difficulties . Litigation is frustrating, especially when you are up against a corporation that has plenty of money... Read more →

Legal battles are long , and it takes much time and energy from the one filing a lawsuit. Moreover, these litigation cases are expensive and it can drain the resources of a plaintiff. This is the very reason why individuals need lawsuit funding to finance their cases. The money is... Read more →

You have Piles of Medical Bills You needed emergency treatment, but you wound up getting hurt worse thanks to a careless doctor that wasn’t paying attention. Not only is this frightening, it can be terrifying to know that a doctor you once trusted cannot manage to treat people properly. If... Read more →

Applying for a legal settlement funding can be quite stressful. Since litigants will be using this assistance to fund their court cases, they are burdened to choose the right lawsuit loan provider. Most settlements take months and even years to be finalized. A long case duration leads to costs that... Read more →
slip andfall legal funding

A Slip and Fall is Hard to Prove If you had any other medical condition before you experienced a fall, the property owner will try to make it look like this was the cause of your fall. Whether it was a poorly maintained floor or ice outside, it isn’t hard... Read more →

Lawsuit Funding Steps in when Employers Don’t When you get hurt at work it can be incredibly frustrating when your employer is more concerned about how this is going to hurt them instead of what happened to you. While you wait around for your employer to get their act together... Read more →

Ships Still Count as a Workplace If a Marine is injured because a ship was not kept up properly this should not be treated any differently than an employee that is injured in a shop or on a construction site. You deserve worker’s compensation and should not be punished because... Read more →
Wrongful Death

Losing a Loved One causes Turmoil If you have lost a loved one there are any number of things that you need to handle. The emotions that you are feeling at this time can be very difficult to manage. If this was a wrongful death this can only make things... Read more →

Lawsuit Financing is the process where a third party, usually a funding company, helps finance a litigant’s lawsuit case and other related costs. A funding company provides cash advances to litigants in exchange for a percentage in the settlement amount if the litigant wins. However, the funding companies will not... Read more →

Owners of Public Spaces need to Keep People Safe Bars and nightclubs can be fun when they are managed properly, but if the management is not keeping an eye on the individuals they are letting in it can quickly lead to disaster. Individuals fueled by alcohol can quickly get violent or... Read more →

Jokes at Your Expense are Not Funny Many workplaces avoid dealing with a case of harassment because they claim that the accused party was “just joking.” However, if you found these so-called jokes offensive then you deserve to have your employer put an end to them. If harassing remarks or... Read more →

Injury Settlements can be Worth Millions Recently a jury in Montana determined that a man was entitled to almost $4 million in compensation based on the injuries that he had received on the job. Unloading logs at a pulp mill, the plaintiff fractured both his pelvis and back due to unsafe... Read more →

False Remedies can be Dangerous Any number of menopause remedies have been proven to be dangerous over the years. Hormones in the body are a very delicate system and it can be very dangerous to try to alter these even if you are doing so to handle other side effects.... Read more →

Protecting yourself in your car Protecting against some mishaps such as the hit-and-run type of accidents is a pretty crucial need for all. There are cases where the driver flees away from the spot of the accident, at times. During such an incident, the best insurance coverage to rely... Read more →

Actor Tracy Morgan was severely injured and his companions were killed because an overworked truck driver caused an accident on the freeway. Many people are talking about this problem because so many know others that have been put in the same position. If you were injured by a truck... Read more →

Dealing with an Auto Accident is Difficult An auto accidents can leave you in a very difficult financial situation. Between dealing with the expense of replacing your vehicle as well as the legal expenses that will arise during this time, you may find yourself in need of legal cash that... Read more →
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Pegasus Funding LLC Quick Funding – Fast Funding We’ve can help clients same day of request submission! • Funding to pursue payment after the favorable judgment • If you don’t get the money as awarded in the judgment, you will not have to pay anything to the Pegasus • Decision about funding request within... Read more →
Lawsuit Cash Advance Loan Picture

If you have a lawsuit filed or you are planning to file one, it may take years before it gets resolved. Expenses for day to day life, lost wages, as well as medical expenses can really weigh you down. The financial burden can overwhelm a person, especially if they... Read more →

When distracted driving from another vehicle causes you a personal injury, do not hesitate to contact us or apply with us for a cash advance against your potential lawsuit. Distracted driving in the United States kills 9 and injures over 1,060 people every single day! Distracted driving is defined... Read more →

In the U.S., the third leading cause of death is medical malpractice and this is just behind cancer and heart disease. Payouts against medical malpractice in 2012 alone amounted to more than $3 billion averaging to one pay out at an interval of 43 minutes. What constitutes medical malpractice? If we... Read more →
Danbury Hospital lawsuit loan and malpractice

Danbury Hospital ordered to pay $12 million malpractice suit Danbury News Times DANBURY — In what is believed to be the largest malpractice verdict against the hospital, a state Superior Court jury Friday ordered Danbury Hospital …
Wrongful Imprisonment

The lawyers at Pegasus Legal Funding are passionate about extending a helping hand to victims of Police brutality, Wrongful imprisonment, and Prison injury cases arising from neglect. Pegasus enjoys a leadership position in this type of cases and understands the pain it inflicts on the society when innocent people... Read more →
Car Accident cash advance

Auto Accidents can cause financial and emotional stress The financial consequences of an auto accident can be overwhelming for the victim and his/her family. Pegasus Legal Funding LLC was established with the purpose of assisting auto accident victims to mitigate their financial sufferings. Through the Lawsuit settlement funding and Lawsuit... Read more →
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Special Rate for those submitting using the Apply Today form Enter SAVE4U in the low rate code to get a reduced rate and speed up the process! You are here because you’re involved in a lawsuit and are waiting for the outcome of the case, but need money now. But did... Read more →
non-recourse cash advance

Is the advance a Loan in which I must eventually pay back? NO! Because it is not a loan, it is a non-recourse legal funding. The non-recourse cash advance is NOT a lawsuit loan, it is only required to be paid back if your case is successful. Therefore, directly... Read more →
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