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$51.5M age discrimination verdict against Lockheed Martin Cherry Hill Courier Post CAMDEN – A federal jury has awarded $51.5 million to a former Lockheed Martin employee who claimed he lost his job due to age discrimination.

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U.S. appeals court upholds $43 million verdict against Nassau County A federal appeals court has upheld a $43 million jury verdict against Nassau County in a lawsuit filed by two men who were exonerated in the 1984 murder and rape of a Lynbrook teenager after serving nearly 18 years in... Read more →

Tips on selecting a reputable legal funding company *Read on so you know how to obtain the best and favorable legal funding If you have had an accident caused by someone else and hired a personal injury attorney and now are finding yourself in financial pinch, you’ve gone online or heard from... Read more →
Car Accident can place financial burdens

No matter how much you want to be careful while you are on the road , it is undeniable that there are reckless drivers, who could just pop in any minute on your side. You always make sure that you obey the rules of the road, anywhere you want to... Read more →
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In the course of the lawsuit, your attorney is there to help you to win the case. He will also be the person who we will talk to about a few basic things related to your case. It is very important to have a personal injury lawyer who not... Read more →
Car Accident can place financial burdens

Car accidents change your life in an instant. They happen so fast during an unanticipated time. Most automobile accident lawsuits take a few months up to a few years before they are resolved. As a victim, you are left without a job and a means to sustain your expenses. There... Read more →
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Legal funding solutions are highly necessary when you need legal support but are not able to provide enough funds to go through the process of resolution. Facing a legal case is financially straining, but it is actually good news knowing that there are financing companies that are able to... Read more →

When accidents happen in a construction , some employees could be involved in an accident and the construction company or the property owner would be responsible for the issue. However, it should be kept in mind that employees are not the only ones who may meet an accident within or... Read more →

One of the most important considerations in a construction site is safety. Safety measures are required to ensure that accidents are minimized. However, no matter how careful a construction team is at work, accidents are inevitable . In this case, the construction company or property owner may be held accountable... Read more →
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How to Get Justification of the Judgment and Collecting the Settlement Plaintiffs can also do things to be able to get the settlement they truly deserve with the help of the court. Enforcement officers cans serve the papers to the defendant upon collection. In fact, there are agencies that can... Read more →
Jones Act Lawsuit Loans

Working on a ship is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. The sailors, ship crew and staff, and the captain put their lives in danger in order to fulfill their duties and responsibilities. Whether they are transporting important goods or they are surveying the seas, they are... Read more →

A litigation process is indeed a lengthy one , and all personal injury victims are aware of this dilemma. Because of the legal and medical expenses, pending foreclosure issues about their properties and unpaid utility and credit card bills, victims are tempted to accept low settlement offers just to get... Read more →

Car accidents are a common occurrence in the United States. They can happen anywhere and at just about any time. It can happen even while you are stopping on a red light. Let’s take the case of Ted and his wife, for example. Ted and his wife Martha were... Read more →
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At Pegasus Legal Funding, we are aware that when personal injuries occur, it also results in different unwanted expenses one has never expected. Most of the personal injury victims are not allowed to work to make their recovery faster. It is also understandable that there are certain expenses such as... Read more →
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In 2006, a railroad employee suffered from injuries because of the poor ground conditions in Union Pacific’s rail yards. The injuries were so severe that the said employee was permanently disabled. He lost his job and he and his family were forced to give up comfortable living. He filed a... Read more →

Animals are man’s loyal companions. However, there are unavoidable instances in which they act upon their instincts and can harm other people. When they feel threatened or excited, they tend to act violently causing physical injury that we can be held liable for. An individual who is injured due to... Read more →

A lawsuit for personal injury can be long. If you are a plaintiff in such a lawsuit, it is possible that you might not be able to work, you would need money for your medical bills and for other bills or payments, so that you might be unable to wait... Read more →

The stories about someone who has been hurt from an accident due to other people’s negligence are endless. Someone may have a friend who suffered from a dog bite or someone may know a person who slipped while walking at the market. If you experienced or suffered a personal injury because... Read more →

Life does not stop even if you are faced with difficulties and challenges. Pegasus Legal Funding knows the negative effects of a pending lawsuit on a litigant’s life. Litigants acquire medical bills, lose their jobs, miss out several days at work and fail to keep up with their monthly... Read more →

For Personal Injury Plaintiffs A personal injury lawsuit takes a long time before a final judgment . Pegasus Legal Funding bridges the gap during the waiting for the settlement award so bills can be paid. Plaintiffs involved in a personal injury lawsuit cannot work because of their injuries. As a... Read more →

Legal Funding: A Loan or an Investment? Part Two If legal funding is not contingent on the results of the case, there is now a lawyer contingent fee. Legal funders as well as lawyers working on this type of case do not get paid until the litigants do. However, some argue... Read more →

Legal Funding: A Lawsuit Loan or an Investment Part 1 Legal funding is not a loan but an investment . The important thing is determining whether a certain transaction involves an actual and substantial risk. Legal financing involves a certain amount of risk, which makes it an investment. It may be... Read more →

The core definition of legal funding states that the term is used to signify a transaction of any kind in which financing is obtained by using the interest of a person, attorney or company in a legal suing process. When one thinks about the typical, most common form of legal... Read more →

When it comes to insurance companies, it can be said that they have learned how to bend and use the law in their favor to such an extent that they’re protected like dignitaries. Seriously, have you ever wondered why it never ever pays off to sue an insurance company and... Read more →

It’s An Investment Part One of Two While many perceive legal funding as a loan, it needs to be said that such a claim, while seemingly logical, is inaccurate . Legal funding is actually an investment in a legal case. When one asks the question of what the difference between a loan... Read more →

Find Out Why Why lawsuit fundings exist after all? They were invented with a purpose to help persons who are suffering financial problems while they’re waiting for their case settlement . For some persons, this can be very helpful (some people may experience severe lack of funds for satisfying even basic... Read more →

Getting any type of lawsuit off the ground in most cases requires professional assistance from your lawyer. Regardless of whether the lawsuit involves a vehicle and its entanglement, a personal injury (like a “slip and fall” claim) or any other type of legal action, its conclusion should always feature... Read more →

Reasons Why Litigants Need Lawsuit Funding Now that you and your lawyer have started your legal fight , you are embarking on a long and continuous legal journey. Whether you are a victim of a personal injury, “slip and fall” incident, or a vehicular accident, it is wise to seek the... Read more →

Lawsuits can be prolonged Plaintiffs usually have one problem – finances. This problem could be easily be resolved – the time needed for cases to be settled needs to be minimized. But, this is usually not the case, and the lawsuits can take many years before they settle. And, you’d agree,... Read more →

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Applying for a legal settlement funding can be quite stressful. Since litigants will be using this assistance to fund their court cases, they are burdened to choose the right lawsuit loan provider. Most settlements take months and even years to be finalized. A long case duration leads to costs that... Read more →
Wrongful Imprisonment

A New York man has finally had the justice he deserved after spending 16 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Jabbar Collins was awarded $10 million after being imprisoned for 16 years for the murder of an Orthodox rabbi named Abraham Pollack. Collins was 21 when he... Read more →

Lawsuit Funding Steps in when Employers Don’t When you get hurt at work it can be incredibly frustrating when your employer is more concerned about how this is going to hurt them instead of what happened to you. While you wait around for your employer to get their act together... Read more →

Individuals who are still in an ongoing or pending lawsuit can count on lawsuit cash advance. Those who have plans on filing a lawsuit against another party can enjoy the benefits of this kind of funding. This monetary assistance can help litigants to fund their daily living expenses while... Read more →

Accident Loans make Things Easier If you lost a loved one because someone else was negligent or acted in a way they shouldn’t have it can be devastating. There is no amount of financial compensation that could make this better, but you should consider how financial compensation could help you... Read more →

Speaking out is Hard to Do If you know individuals around you are doing something they shouldn’t or taking advantage of legal loopholes that are hurting others you have a responsibility to speak up . The problem is more often than not people don’t reward whistleblowers, but punish them for... Read more →

Owners of Public Spaces need to Keep People Safe Bars and nightclubs can be fun when they are managed properly, but if the management is not keeping an eye on the individuals they are letting in it can quickly lead to disaster. Individuals fueled by alcohol can quickly get violent or... Read more →

Injury Settlements can be Worth Millions Recently a jury in Montana determined that a man was entitled to almost $4 million in compensation based on the injuries that he had received on the job. Unloading logs at a pulp mill, the plaintiff fractured both his pelvis and back due to unsafe... Read more →
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Personal Injuries are Unpredictable If you could predict when an accident was going to happen, then there would be no concern about avoiding them. Since many accidents cannot be avoided you need to make sure you have the protections in place to take care of these things when they happen. If... Read more →
Johnson and Johnson Vaginal Mesh

You Could be Eligible for a Class Action Lawsuit People around the country have been suffering side effects from using Topamax . In many cases these individuals were not informed of the potentially dangerous side effects by their doctors before they started using their prescription. If you were offered Topamax without... Read more →

Dealing with the Aftermath of an Accident is Difficult When you get into a car accident it can be incredibly difficult to deal with. On top of the injuries you could be facing, there is a good chance that you will be without a vehicle which can make it difficult... Read more →

GM Crashes have caused Significant Tragedies GM vehicles have been recalled by the thousand due to faulty starters and other mechanical problems. These recalls are particularly late in coming since there were dozens of fatal or otherwise severe accidents before the company would admit to any wrongdoing. Because so many... Read more →

An Explosion can be Terrifying If you were working and experienced an explosion it can be very frightening. Not only can this cause significant damage to the work area, it can be very dangerous for those that are nearby. You could be hit with flying debris or suffer hearing damage as... Read more →
Cash award verdict

Your City should Keep You Safe You pay taxes so that the city will take care of things that come up which could cause injury or worse. If your city is taking your tax dollars but not getting anything done it can be frustrating , but it can also be serious.... Read more →

Florida Smokers seek out justice and relief Finally after years of litigation a decision was handed down by the Supreme court ruled that smokers will be able get justice against the Phillip Morris Company. There have been thousands of lawsuits against this company which span up tens of millions... Read more →
Danbury Hospital lawsuit loan and malpractice

Danbury Hospital ordered to pay $12 million malpractice suit Danbury News Times DANBURY — In what is believed to be the largest malpractice verdict against the hospital, a state Superior Court jury Friday ordered Danbury Hospital …

At Pegasus Legal Funding LLC , it is relatively simple qualifying for lawsuit cash advance. We consider certain minimal basic requirements while accepting litigation funding applications. The initial benchmarks to qualify are enumerated below: 1. An attorney must have been hired by the applicant on contingency fee agreement. This would mean... Read more →

It is important to do your research before you accept funding from a legal funding company. Many legal funding companies have much higher rates than Pegasus Legal Funding. So, it is important to know what interest rates the company charges on the funding before you accept funding. ... Read more →