It is official, Pegasus , a leader in the legal funding area is the number one rated pre-settlement funding company in the following areas of expertise: Ease of use. Pegasus make the lawsuit cash advance process simpler and more user friendly. With its release of the smart apps, and online... Read more →
Settlement loans require much thought

Lawsuit Loans should only be used in emergency situations Most, if not all legal counsel is familiar with legal funding so they will be prepared on how the process works. If your attorney has not experienced first-hand participating with a legal funding , it is a straight forward simple process... Read more →
Settlement loans require much thought

In most law firms, attorneys rarely will suggest their clients to get a “settlement loan”. Getting a lawsuit loan should be the last alternative for a plaintiff and used only unless they have absolutely no financial alternatives . Most laypersons have not heard of pre-settlement loans, but there financial... Read more →
Settlement Loans and your rights

The ins and outs of Legal Funding You can find out more by calling a Pegasus Legal Funding representative and we’ll answer all your questions and help you get the money you need. Call us now at 855-FUND-YOU   855-386-3968 Lawsuit settlement loans function as follows: Who is eligible for a lawsuit... Read more →
Why do I need to have an attorney?

In the course of the lawsuit, your attorney is there to help you to win the case. He will also be the person who we will talk to about a few basic things related to your case. It is very important to have a personal injury lawyer who not... Read more →

There will come a time when you will encounter someone who has been a victim of an accident because of other people’s carelessness. Your neighbor may have suffered from a dog attack. You may have slipped while you are strolling along the supermarket. You may even know someone who... Read more →

Things You Should Know about Settlement Loans and Lawsuit cash advances Lawsuit loans and legal funding allow you and your attorney to level the playing field. Facing a lawsuit can be financially stressful, that is where a legal loan can help you through the tough times. . In most cases, a lawsuit... Read more →

Litigants or legal financing consumers play a vital part in the lawsuit funding industry. They are the primary purpose why the industry existed. They are the targets of companies because they have the reason to seek their financial help. The Consumers’ Stand on Lawsuit Funding Consumer legal funding solutions are expensive... Read more →

One of the most important considerations in a construction site is safety. Safety measures are required to ensure that accidents are minimized. However, no matter how careful a construction team is at work, accidents are inevitable . In this case, the construction company or property owner may be held accountable... Read more →

Winning Judgment: It Doesn’t End There According to the National Association of Consumer Advocate, Ira Reingold, even if the court has already issued a judgment that is in favor to the plaintiff, it does not definitely mean that the case is already resolved. Thus, having the judgment on the side of... Read more →
Jones Act Lawsuit Loans

Working on a ship is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. The sailors, ship crew and staff, and the captain put their lives in danger in order to fulfill their duties and responsibilities. Whether they are transporting important goods or they are surveying the seas, they are... Read more →
slip andfall legal funding

Accidents can happen anytime , anywhere and often, when you least expect it. It chooses no one and in just one snap, you may slip and fall on premises due to several reasons. However, if you believe that it is due to the negligence on the side of the establishment... Read more →
Not lawsuit loan, bu a cash adavcne

At Pegasus Legal Funding, we are aware that when personal injuries occur, it also results in different unwanted expenses one has never expected. Most of the personal injury victims are not allowed to work to make their recovery faster. It is also understandable that there are certain expenses such as... Read more →

Some “Case Loans” Full Particulars It is wise for clients to be working closely with their attorneys when considering a “case loan” in order to obtain the best arrangement, and clients would have someone to review the contracts with them. Although lawyers are not compulsory in negotiating terms of a... Read more →

Several entities and funding companies are in an existing debate on how to improve several aspects of lawsuit funding. These proposals may be one-sided but with careful planning and successful discussion, each party can meet halfway. Proposal to Change Legal Funding This proposal aims to improve and make legal funding more... Read more →

There are many ways lawsuit funding can improve for consumers and other parties. Several entities are proposing and working on different ways to make it better. However, some of these proposals are too one-sided and are more geared to the party who is proposing it. Proposals for Lawsuit Funding Change There... Read more →

The stories about someone who has been hurt from an accident due to other people’s negligence are endless. Someone may have a friend who suffered from a dog bite or someone may know a person who slipped while walking at the market. If you experienced or suffered a personal injury because... Read more →
Cash Advance Loans

Bad Accidents Drain your Wallet Bad accidents happen and sadly, there are a lot of expenses that one may suffer when these awful things happen. Due to this tragic incident, you may not be able to work for quite a period of time, which results to no income for you and... Read more →

Worker’s compensation. In most states, a plaintiff won’t be awarded money by legal funding companies in case of a worker’s compensation claim . In such states, the plaintiff is directly given the award from the worker’s compensation board. Generally in other lawsuits, the arrangement or court award is first given to... Read more →

Life does not stop even if you are faced with difficulties and challenges. Pegasus Legal Funding knows the negative effects of a pending lawsuit on a litigant’s life. Litigants acquire medical bills, lose their jobs, miss out several days at work and fail to keep up with their monthly... Read more →

Legal funding refers to any form of transaction where an interest in a lawsuit is used as a basis in order to obtain financing. There are several types of legal assistance transactions. However, there is one key difference among all of them. This factor is the selling or assigning... Read more →

For Personal Injury Plaintiffs A personal injury lawsuit takes a long time before a final judgment . Pegasus Legal Funding bridges the gap during the waiting for the settlement award so bills can be paid. Plaintiffs involved in a personal injury lawsuit cannot work because of their injuries. As a... Read more →

Pegasus Legal Funding stand out from the crowd by offering what others do not. We are proud ALFA members and abide to a strict code of ethics to ensure that our clients are treated justly and fairly. The fact to the matter is that you have plenty of... Read more →

When it comes to the definition of legal funding, the debate over whether it should be considered a loan or an investment is one over which people just can’t seem to agree. It was established by all jurisdictions that legal funding transactions are investments because of the existence of risk... Read more →
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Why Pegasus Legal Funding is One of the Best Lawsuit Funding Companies Pegasus Legal Funding understands how hard it is when there is a need to supplement your finances when you have a pending lawsuit. We want to relieve you from the financial stress of debt piling up due to... Read more →

An ongoing lawsuit is very nerve-wracking. Medical bills and monthly financial commitments pile up , which is why litigants undergo so much stress. Pegasus Funding is committed to providing lawsuit funding to prevent them from worrying about their future. We are committed to eliminate stress through our quick lawsuit cash... Read more →

Getting any type of lawsuit off the ground in most cases requires professional assistance from your lawyer. Regardless of whether the lawsuit involves a vehicle and its entanglement, a personal injury (like a “slip and fall” claim) or any other type of legal action, its conclusion should always feature... Read more →

Eliminating Excess Stress Applying for legal financial solutions at the right time is essential to eliminating the stress of lawsuit proceedings. It can often take a long time to reach a settlement which can make it expensive and difficult to keep up with your financial responsibilities. In some cases it... Read more →

How Lawsuit Funding Providers Help for Plaintiffs with Financial Needs Finding Lending Companies There are a variety of structured settlement companies who can help assist people in pursuing a lawsuit. Whether you are considering filing a lawsuit or you are waiting for a settlement to be delivered, it’s easy to run out... Read more →

Legal battles are long , and it takes much time and energy from the one filing a lawsuit. Moreover, these litigation cases are expensive and it can drain the resources of a plaintiff. This is the very reason why individuals need lawsuit funding to finance their cases. The money is... Read more →

What is Legal Funding? A legal lien is a type of funding which is given to plaintiffs as a way of helping them pursue their legal case. This helps you to afford expenses like education, medical bills, your mortgage and other monthly expenses that continue throughout your court case. This... Read more →

The population in today’s world is eligible and it has grown dramatically. It is important to recognize the parties and their involvement in the legal field. The key players of the legal funding are the clients, the brokers, the lawyers and the underwriter. This key player has the important role... Read more →

Pomegranate Juice Isn’t what Coca Cola Claims There is plenty of evidence that pomegranate juice is good for you, but very little evidence that drinking this juice is actually going to cure diseases or make a drastic improvement in your overall health. In fact, most evidence suggests that drinking a lot... Read more →

Judge Calculates New York’s Payment for Wrongful Imprisonment: About $5.5 Million Posted on May 3, 2013 by Nancy Petro What financial number would you put on the loss of nine years, nine years of freedom exchanged for nine years in prison? What’s the price of family separation, damaged relationships, stress and anxiety?
Wrongful Imprisonment

The lawyers at Pegasus Legal Funding are passionate about extending a helping hand to victims of Police brutality, Wrongful imprisonment, and Prison injury cases arising from neglect. Pegasus enjoys a leadership position in this type of cases and understands the pain it inflicts on the society when innocent people... Read more →
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We say YES more than anyone in the business. Get Lawsuit Loans and Legal Financing from Pegasus Legal funding today! In recent years, many people have learned that if they’re involved in a personal injury accident, they may be eligible to get lawsuit funding. Which is a cash advance... Read more →

Get things done online in just a matter of a few minutes and then rest to focus on your physical recovery from the personal injury. It is pretty easy to file an application online for litigation funds. Plaintiffs from all over Utah, such as Beaver, Cache, Washington, Daggett, Duchesne, Garfield,... Read more →

Meet the litigation funds experts from Pegasus Legal Funding LLC . There are no risks here with us when you are getting money for your needs. We offer the lowest possible interests rates and maximum amount of money are awarded to each and every other eligible plaintiff. Our... Read more →

When you are being awarded with Non-recourse funds, you are completely safe in the sense that there are no risks associated with availing money in that manner. We are taking the losses on your behalf if you should lose the case. In order for your settlement to be concluded by... Read more →
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Lawsuit funding can be obtained for lower rates from Pegasus Legal Funding as compared to the peers in the business. We’re a direct funder so you can be guaranteed the best deal and not ever worry about having to pay additional broker fees. You receive the best assurance for the... Read more →
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AT THIS TIME, PEGASUS FUNDING LLC IS NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM RESIDENTS OF ARKANSAS Non-Taxable Payments – Arkansas Personal Injury Funds Lawsuit Cash Advances can empower you when you are left helpless from a personal injury. Tribulation is something inevitable when it happens to you the victim of the accident caused by... Read more →

Special Rate for those submitting using the Apply Today form Enter SAVE4U in the low rate code to get a reduced rate and speed up the process! You are here because you’re involved in a lawsuit and are waiting for the outcome of the case, but need money now. But did... Read more →

The peculiar aspect of the pre-settlement cash advance is that there is benefit for the funding firm, the attorney and the victim too, in this financial transaction. All the three parties that are signing the funding contract are completely benefited in this deal. Legal funding help the plaintiffs who... Read more →

What is legal financing from Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC ? Legal financing is a cash advance that is provided to personal injury plaintiffs who are experiencing financial difficulties while they are waiting for their personal injury settlement. Call us Toll Free for your Fast Free No Risk Quote: 888-770-6065 Are lawsuit... Read more →

Call Pegasus Legal Funding LLC Today! Pegasus makes legal financing easy. We provide money faster than our competitors. We understand that obtaining your personal injury settlement can take time. Further, we understand that sometimes personal injury plaintiffs cannot afford to wait as long as it takes... Read more →

You have been the victim of a personal injury . Your life was turned upside down in a matter of seconds. Now, you are having financial difficulties. You can’t make your monthly payments and are afraid you are going to lose everything you have worked for because... Read more →
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Pegasus Legal Funding is dedicated to getting personal injury victims the money they need. Personal injury victims often have to wait months or even years before they are able to get compensation for their personal injuries. This is often very difficult for personal injury victims who often have... Read more →

What are Legal Funding Solutions? Legal funding solutions are specifically designed for plaintiffs who have already filed or are contemplating to file a lawsuit, often in the context of a personal injury from car accidents , work place accidents or similar causes. In the aftermath of a auto accident, the victim... Read more →
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Legal funding opponents

There are many people that understand how beneficial the legal funding company can be. However, there are also people that do not like the legal funding industry. The legal funding industry allows more plaintiffs to fight for a fair settlement. There are many individuals who would prefer for... Read more →
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It’s hard to play a basketball game with one arm tied behind your back. Unfortunately, that is often how accident victims feel when they’re trying to survive after a personal injury accident. Pegasus Legal Funding provides lawsuit funding to help plaintiffs have a fair shot at the... Read more →

It is important to do your research before you accept funding from a legal funding company. Many legal funding companies have much higher rates than Pegasus Legal Funding. So, it is important to know what interest rates the company charges on the funding before you accept funding. ... Read more →
plantiff justice

Many plaintiffs do not have the resources that defendants have. Plaintiffs are the ones that suffered a loss in the accident. Defendants often do not lose anything in the accident. Unfortunately, even after a settlement is reached, many plaintiffs have still lost more than the defendants... Read more →