It is official, Pegasus , a leader in the legal funding area is the number one rated pre-settlement funding company in the following areas of expertise: Ease of use. Pegasus make the lawsuit cash advance process simpler and more user friendly. With its release of the smart apps, and online... Read more →

Tips on selecting a reputable legal funding company *Read on so you know how to obtain the best and favorable legal funding If you have had an accident caused by someone else and hired a personal injury attorney and now are finding yourself in financial pinch, you’ve gone online or heard from... Read more →
Settlement loans require much thought

Lawsuit Loans should only be used in emergency situations Most, if not all legal counsel is familiar with legal funding so they will be prepared on how the process works. If your attorney has not experienced first-hand participating with a legal funding , it is a straight forward simple process... Read more →

If you are on the right track, make sure that everything is properly compensated and that you don’t have to shoulder all the expenses on your own. It is actually good news that there are lawsuit funding companies that can help you address your financial problems in case you get... Read more →
Car Accident can place financial burdens

Car accidents change your life in an instant. They happen so fast during an unanticipated time. Most automobile accident lawsuits take a few months up to a few years before they are resolved. As a victim, you are left without a job and a means to sustain your expenses. There... Read more →

Things You Should Know about Settlement Loans and Lawsuit cash advances Lawsuit loans and legal funding allow you and your attorney to level the playing field. Facing a lawsuit can be financially stressful, that is where a legal loan can help you through the tough times. . In most cases, a lawsuit... Read more →

Ever since our company started in the business, many people have come to seek help in terms of their financial needs for several reasons. Legal funding is a usual option when an individual or a family faces unforeseen crisis secondary to car accidents, medical malpractice and even animal attacks.... Read more →

Litigants or legal financing consumers play a vital part in the lawsuit funding industry. They are the primary purpose why the industry existed. They are the targets of companies because they have the reason to seek their financial help. The Consumers’ Stand on Lawsuit Funding Consumer legal funding solutions are expensive... Read more →

When accidents happen in a construction , some employees could be involved in an accident and the construction company or the property owner would be responsible for the issue. However, it should be kept in mind that employees are not the only ones who may meet an accident within or... Read more →
Lawsuit Loan

How to Get Justification of the Judgment and Collecting the Settlement Plaintiffs can also do things to be able to get the settlement they truly deserve with the help of the court. Enforcement officers cans serve the papers to the defendant upon collection. In fact, there are agencies that can... Read more →

Alberto Jijon worked for a construction company in Torrance, California. He was hired to install dry walls during a construction project involving the expansion of a plant that manufactures health bars. Before the accident, Mr. Jijon and his fellow construction workers were working on a drywall inside the plant’s... Read more →
Car Accident cash advance

Ryan was cruising along the highway when a truck suddenly went out of control and skidded along the road. Unfortunately, Ryan was not able to escape unharmed because his car slammed at the back of the truck and rolled over several times before stopping. The accident left Ryan hospitalized ... Read more →
Jones Act Lawsuit Loans

Eye injury, injury from falls, hand and foot injury, head injury and injuries from deck operations are just a few of the most common type of injuries a seaman or seafarer can incur if an accident occurs at the ship he or she is working. The rights of the... Read more →

Some “Case Loans” Full Particulars It is wise for clients to be working closely with their attorneys when considering a “case loan” in order to obtain the best arrangement, and clients would have someone to review the contracts with them. Although lawyers are not compulsory in negotiating terms of a... Read more →
non-recourse cash advance

Case loans are not actually loans. They are pre settlement funding made by a client who is not able or refuses to wait for a lawsuit’s final settlement. Strictly speaking, case loans are actually agreed upon advances, which is used as a counter to expected future payouts from a... Read more →

Animals are man’s loyal companions. However, there are unavoidable instances in which they act upon their instincts and can harm other people. When they feel threatened or excited, they tend to act violently causing physical injury that we can be held liable for. An individual who is injured due to... Read more →

A lawsuit for personal injury can be long. If you are a plaintiff in such a lawsuit, it is possible that you might not be able to work, you would need money for your medical bills and for other bills or payments, so that you might be unable to wait... Read more →

There are many ways lawsuit funding can improve for consumers and other parties. Several entities are proposing and working on different ways to make it better. However, some of these proposals are too one-sided and are more geared to the party who is proposing it. Proposals for Lawsuit Funding Change There... Read more →
Cash Advance Loans

Bad Accidents Drain your Wallet Bad accidents happen and sadly, there are a lot of expenses that one may suffer when these awful things happen. Due to this tragic incident, you may not be able to work for quite a period of time, which results to no income for you and... Read more →

Worker’s compensation. In most states, a plaintiff won’t be awarded money by legal funding companies in case of a worker’s compensation claim . In such states, the plaintiff is directly given the award from the worker’s compensation board. Generally in other lawsuits, the arrangement or court award is first given to... Read more →

Legal Funding Information and You (Part 1) Legal Funding Defined Legal funding describes a financial transaction that is characterized by specific elements that constitute the difference between this and other common types of financial transactions, such as for example advances on your credit card or car loans. The Difference between a Legal Funding... Read more →

Life does not stop even if you are faced with difficulties and challenges. Pegasus Legal Funding knows the negative effects of a pending lawsuit on a litigant’s life. Litigants acquire medical bills, lose their jobs, miss out several days at work and fail to keep up with their monthly... Read more →

Introductory words about Consumer Legal Funding Dispute Generally, any kind of transaction in which an appeal in a lawsuit is applied as a method of obtaining financing is called legal funding. There are used various modes of legal funding trades, with the important difference between these types being constituted by... Read more →

Legal Funding: A Lawsuit Loan or an Investment Part 1 Legal funding is not a loan but an investment . The important thing is determining whether a certain transaction involves an actual and substantial risk. Legal financing involves a certain amount of risk, which makes it an investment. It may be... Read more →

Pegasus Legal Funding stand out from the crowd by offering what others do not. We are proud ALFA members and abide to a strict code of ethics to ensure that our clients are treated justly and fairly. The fact to the matter is that you have plenty of... Read more →

When it comes to the definition of legal funding, the debate over whether it should be considered a loan or an investment is one over which people just can’t seem to agree. It was established by all jurisdictions that legal funding transactions are investments because of the existence of risk... Read more →

An ongoing lawsuit is very nerve-wracking. Medical bills and monthly financial commitments pile up , which is why litigants undergo so much stress. Pegasus Funding is committed to providing lawsuit funding to prevent them from worrying about their future. We are committed to eliminate stress through our quick lawsuit cash... Read more →
Legal Finance

A 56-year-old woman named Teresa Gamage was the front passenger in a vehicle that was stopped at a red light intersection in Beverly Hills, California. Another driver hit Gamage’s car from behind at a low speed rate. It did not result to any major damage to Gamage’s car. Right after the... Read more →
Car Accident can place financial burdens

Like most people, you may think that you do not need a lawyer or a lawsuit funding after a car accident. You feel like it is normal for a car accident to occur because it is inevitable. You may also think that your insurance company will take care of the... Read more →

Work injuries happen all the time, they are not unusual. But, have you ever asked yourself what legal options you have if you get hurt while working? made a survey and the results are not so surprising – one in five Americans was injured while working . But, besides obvious... Read more →

If your case is being supervised by a legal attorney for a dog bite or some other animal attack, you are and searching for a lawsuit funding then you can contact Pegasus Funding today. When someone is injured due to a dog bite or animal attack then they have the... Read more →

Eliminating Excess Stress Applying for legal financial solutions at the right time is essential to eliminating the stress of lawsuit proceedings. It can often take a long time to reach a settlement which can make it expensive and difficult to keep up with your financial responsibilities. In some cases it... Read more →

Reasons Why Litigants Need Lawsuit Funding Now that you and your lawyer have started your legal fight , you are embarking on a long and continuous legal journey. Whether you are a victim of a personal injury, “slip and fall” incident, or a vehicular accident, it is wise to seek the... Read more →

How Lawsuit Funding Providers Help for Plaintiffs with Financial Needs Finding Lending Companies There are a variety of structured settlement companies who can help assist people in pursuing a lawsuit. Whether you are considering filing a lawsuit or you are waiting for a settlement to be delivered, it’s easy to run out... Read more →

You have Piles of Medical Bills You needed emergency treatment, but you wound up getting hurt worse thanks to a careless doctor that wasn’t paying attention. Not only is this frightening, it can be terrifying to know that a doctor you once trusted cannot manage to treat people properly. If... Read more →

Funding for Legal Services Companies that offer lawsuit cash advance loans are one of the fastest cash providing options in the United States. These companies are designed to offer fast legal funding which helps individuals manage their expenses during a lengthy court proceeding. These companies have proven themselves amongst legal processionals... Read more →

Individuals who are still in an ongoing or pending lawsuit can count on lawsuit cash advance. Those who have plans on filing a lawsuit against another party can enjoy the benefits of this kind of funding. This monetary assistance can help litigants to fund their daily living expenses while... Read more →
Personal Injury Funding

Personal Injuries are Unpredictable If you could predict when an accident was going to happen, then there would be no concern about avoiding them. Since many accidents cannot be avoided you need to make sure you have the protections in place to take care of these things when they happen. If... Read more →

Judge Calculates New York’s Payment for Wrongful Imprisonment: About $5.5 Million Posted on May 3, 2013 by Nancy Petro What financial number would you put on the loss of nine years, nine years of freedom exchanged for nine years in prison? What’s the price of family separation, damaged relationships, stress and anxiety?

Non-recourse funds means you are obtaining money from Pegasus Legal Funding LLC based upon your settlement which is awaited. It is not a lawsuit loan; you only repay us when your case successfully settles. You do not have to pay any money back if you are not awarded a settlement.... Read more →

Lawsuit Cash Advance Loan – No Broker Fees for Pennsylvania Nursing home negligence cases and medical malpractices are some of the peculiar cases that are not taken into consideration at times by some of the funding agencies out there for funding. Approval of Lawsuit Pre-Settlement Cash Advance is based upon... Read more →

Stressed out from the financial pressure mounting on your shoulders when you are suffering from a personal injury? Don’t let this circumstance shatter your confidence. Litigation funds are available for your disposal! You do not have to worry anymore. There is a financial solution that may get you through this... Read more →

Case Evaluation Done for FREE for New Hampshire Live free or die, I say live free from the financial stresses associated with the strains plaintiffs face when involved in a lawsuit. It is quite common that the medical expenses following a personal injury can be stressful to plaintiffs in most cases.... Read more →

AT THIS TIME, PEGASUS FUNDING LLC IS NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM RESIDENTS OF IOWA Get cash relief now from Pegasus Funding LLC to keep your ailments at bay. Yes, people of Iowa, when you are not fixing things readily then the injury can lead to further problems mentally and physically... Read more →

Lawsuit funding can be obtained for lower rates from Pegasus Legal Funding as compared to the peers in the business. We’re a direct funder so you can be guaranteed the best deal and not ever worry about having to pay additional broker fees. You receive the best assurance for the... Read more →
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Request a completely free quote now for the lawsuit funding from Pegasus Funding for your personal injury or other case type or other case type. You can get the best possible services from our side with the least interest rates at any given day. If you are in dire need... Read more →

It is important to do your research before you accept funding from a legal funding company. Many legal funding companies have much higher rates than Pegasus Legal Funding. So, it is important to know what interest rates the company charges on the funding before you accept funding. ... Read more →