Winning Judgment: It Doesn’t End There According to the National Association of Consumer Advocate, Ira Reingold, even if the court has already issued a judgment that is in favor to the plaintiff, it does not definitely mean that the case is already resolved. Thus, having the judgment on the side of... Read more →

There are many ways lawsuit funding can improve for consumers and other parties. Several entities are proposing and working on different ways to make it better. However, some of these proposals are too one-sided and are more geared to the party who is proposing it. Proposals for Lawsuit Funding Change There... Read more →

Legal Funding: A Loan or an Investment? Part Two If legal funding is not contingent on the results of the case, there is now a lawyer contingent fee. Legal funders as well as lawyers working on this type of case do not get paid until the litigants do. However, some argue... Read more →

If you applied for a loan to fund your lawsuit and was denied, now is the perfect time to call Pegasus Legal Funding. We can get you legal financing that you need without the added hassle and the long wait. We provide legal funding solutions to those who are experiencing... Read more →

The core definition of legal funding states that the term is used to signify a transaction of any kind in which financing is obtained by using the interest of a person, attorney or company in a legal suing process. When one thinks about the typical, most common form of legal... Read more →

Construction workers are very often dealing with the most fatal work surroundings faced by employees in any industry in one’s own country and abroad. At Pegasus Legal Funding we understand that accidents occurring during construction can be damaging to both the victims and their families. If you are a victim... Read more →

If only cases are quickly settled and resolved , the plaintiff wouldn’t experience too much financial difficulties. However, it is a given fact that lawsuits take years to be settled and only the people or companies who have enough financial resources and money can go through with it to the... Read more →

Funding for Legal Services Companies that offer lawsuit cash advance loans are one of the fastest cash providing options in the United States. These companies are designed to offer fast legal funding which helps individuals manage their expenses during a lengthy court proceeding. These companies have proven themselves amongst legal processionals... Read more →

Ships Still Count as a Workplace If a Marine is injured because a ship was not kept up properly this should not be treated any differently than an employee that is injured in a shop or on a construction site. You deserve worker’s compensation and should not be punished because... Read more →

The Police are Not Always Right When the police arrive on the scene it can be difficult to get all of the evidence they need to determine what happened, especially in a situation that turned violent. The victim is not able to speak for themselves, which means the police are... Read more →

Negligence in a Hospital can be Deadly If a hospital is not taking the right precautions to manage their patients, there is no telling what kind of damage they can do. Hospitals that are not maintaining the right level of cleanliness or are not keeping an eye on their staff could... Read more →

Owners of Public Spaces need to Keep People Safe Bars and nightclubs can be fun when they are managed properly, but if the management is not keeping an eye on the individuals they are letting in it can quickly lead to disaster. Individuals fueled by alcohol can quickly get violent or... Read more →
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To Prevent Bankruptcy There is no risk associated with the deal when a plaintiff gets cash advance from Pegasus. Nothing to be repaid if the case is lost or if the amount of money recovered is less than the cash advance borrowed from us. To allow financial breathing room with your... Read more →

Pomegranate Juice Isn’t what Coca Cola Claims There is plenty of evidence that pomegranate juice is good for you, but very little evidence that drinking this juice is actually going to cure diseases or make a drastic improvement in your overall health. In fact, most evidence suggests that drinking a lot... Read more →
Personal Injury Funding

Personal Injuries are Unpredictable If you could predict when an accident was going to happen, then there would be no concern about avoiding them. Since many accidents cannot be avoided you need to make sure you have the protections in place to take care of these things when they happen. If... Read more →

Judge Calculates New York’s Payment for Wrongful Imprisonment: About $5.5 Million Posted on May 3, 2013 by Nancy Petro What financial number would you put on the loss of nine years, nine years of freedom exchanged for nine years in prison? What’s the price of family separation, damaged relationships, stress and anxiety?
How much is my case worth for legal funding?

Immigration Can take A Lot of Time Even under the best circumstances it takes a long time to settle an immigration case. This can leave you worried about seeking employment, taking care of your family or what will happen if your case is denied. This is unfair and excessively hard on... Read more →

You Find Out About Contamination When It’s Too Late By the time a company needs to reveal that they have contaminated your food or living space you have already been exposed. In some cases you might have been exposed for years before a company comes forward and admits to any... Read more →

AT THIS TIME, PEGASUS FUNDING LLC IS NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM RESIDENTS OF OHIO Plaintiffs in and around Columbus and in all over Ohio find us to be the most convenient Litigation funding agency agency by all means. Our successful track record is fool proof evidence to showcase our pride, trust,... Read more →

Looking for Legal Funding with low interest rates readily available quickly? Here you go, the ultimate funder is waiting to help you instantly. You can choose the amount that you will need urgently and specify the requirements in the application that you are filing here online. All the personal... Read more →

AT THIS TIME, PEGASUS FUNDING LLC IS NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM RESIDENTS OF MINNESOTA Consumer interests are quite paramount here at the firm Pegasus Legal Funding LLC. We safeguard and protect the interest of the clients by all means while assisting them to get what they are due to be receiving.... Read more →

Louisiana Residents Can Get Legal Funding from Pegasus There is zero risk involved for you in the attempt to procure an advance. All you have to do is just fill in the application, and then once approved, ask your attorney to do the rest. Money hits your bank account from then... Read more →

There are not many Hawaii lawsuit cash advance funding firms. Even out of all of the available options to find the best service provider, this is quite rare. Services should be top class while conforming to the following needs is essential: • Rates of interests per month should be lower • Maximum... Read more →

Low cost advance funds are meant for the personal injury victims. Personal injury lawyers will possess the first hand information pertaining to their clients case. When you are running your case with a reliable attorney, then you can ask the lawyer to do the needful. Lawsuit cash advance lending firms... Read more →

What are Legal Funding Solutions? Legal funding solutions are specifically designed for plaintiffs who have already filed or are contemplating to file a lawsuit, often in the context of a personal injury from car accidents , work place accidents or similar causes. In the aftermath of a auto accident, the victim... Read more →
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Many clients ask us what is the interest rate on a Lawsuit Cash Advance In fact our rates are the lowest in the industry, ranging from 1 percent to 3 percent. The actual interest rate of the Lawsuit Cash Advance is determined by the strength of the applicant’s lawsuit. For... Read more →
Lowest rates in the industry

Pegasus Legal Funding offers the lowest rates in the legal funding industry. Many legal funding companies claim to have low rates. However, Pegasus Legal Funding guarantees our rates are lower than anyone else in the legal funding industry. In fact, if Pegasus Legal Funding... Read more →
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There are many people that understand how beneficial the legal funding company can be. However, there are also people that do not like the legal funding industry. The legal funding industry allows more plaintiffs to fight for a fair settlement. There are many individuals who would prefer for... Read more →
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Many plaintiffs do not have the resources that defendants have. Plaintiffs are the ones that suffered a loss in the accident. Defendants often do not lose anything in the accident. Unfortunately, even after a settlement is reached, many plaintiffs have still lost more than the defendants... Read more →