The consumer lawsuit funding debate has many sides and interests just like any other debates. There are several sides to different stories and arguments. You need to know the players as well as their motivations in order to understand the debate. The Insurance Industry and Lawsuit Targets Companies and industries such... Read more →

A Doctor did more Harm than Good You went in for a routine procedure and because of a mistake you wound up being injured further because your medical staff wasn’t paying proper attention. If you wound up in more pain because someone at the hospital was negligent you need to... Read more →

You have Piles of Medical Bills You needed emergency treatment, but you wound up getting hurt worse thanks to a careless doctor that wasn’t paying attention. Not only is this frightening, it can be terrifying to know that a doctor you once trusted cannot manage to treat people properly. If... Read more →

Negligence in a Hospital can be Deadly If a hospital is not taking the right precautions to manage their patients, there is no telling what kind of damage they can do. Hospitals that are not maintaining the right level of cleanliness or are not keeping an eye on their staff could... Read more →

Birth Injuries are Heartbreaking There is not much that is worse than realizing that an incident during birth caused your child’s serious injury . You might feel guilty and as though you should take responsibilities, but the medical staff that was responsible for your care should be considering how they should... Read more →
Johnson and Johnson Vaginal Mesh

You Could be Eligible for a Class Action Lawsuit People around the country have been suffering side effects from using Topamax . In many cases these individuals were not informed of the potentially dangerous side effects by their doctors before they started using their prescription. If you were offered Topamax without... Read more →

Doctors cannot make Mistakes In many fields mistakes can have serious consequences, but when a doctor makes a mistake it can be life-threatening. It is bad enough if a doctor did not have the training to manage a situation, but if a doctor made a mistake because they were practicing... Read more →
Danbury Hospital lawsuit loan and malpractice

Danbury Hospital ordered to pay $12 million malpractice suit Danbury News Times DANBURY — In what is believed to be the largest malpractice verdict against the hospital, a state Superior Court jury Friday ordered Danbury Hospital …
Johnson and Johnson Vaginal Mesh

Johnson and Johnson Vaginal Mesh case Did you know that you can file a personal injury lawsuit for a defective medical product causing significant pain, suffering and injury? Generally, such instances do not happen in isolation and the same product would have inflicted similar injuries on several others who used... Read more →

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