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A lot of individuals have used the term lawsuit loans over the years, but experts have rebuffed it, as the term is apparently nonexistent. When you talk about getting a loan, it is an amount that you borrow from and have to pay, within an agreed period, to a financier.... Read more →

The human brain is the center of our nervous system. A slight damage to it can greatly affect our bodily function. It can cause mental problems, paralysis or even death. Because of such, the matter of brain injury should not be taken lightly. It can take away the opportunity to... Read more →

The Basic Concepts The concept of lawsuit case loan is non-existent and with the time people have substituted with the name of pre-settlement funding with the lawsuit loan many years now. Loan is something that you need to pay back after certain period of time along with the interest amount over... Read more →

How Lawsuit Funding Providers Help for Plaintiffs with Financial Needs Finding Lending Companies There are a variety of structured settlement companies who can help assist people in pursuing a lawsuit. Whether you are considering filing a lawsuit or you are waiting for a settlement to be delivered, it’s easy to run out... Read more →

A Doctor did more Harm than Good You went in for a routine procedure and because of a mistake you wound up being injured further because your medical staff wasn’t paying proper attention. If you wound up in more pain because someone at the hospital was negligent you need to... Read more →

When You might Need Financing There are a variety of reasons why people turn to lawsuit funding companies. In most cases these individuals are disabled or were injured causing them to file a lawsuit. They are counting on this lawsuit to pay for their medical expenses and other bills, but... Read more →
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To Prevent Bankruptcy There is no risk associated with the deal when a plaintiff gets cash advance from Pegasus. Nothing to be repaid if the case is lost or if the amount of money recovered is less than the cash advance borrowed from us. To allow financial breathing room with your... Read more →

When distracted driving from another vehicle causes you a personal injury, do not hesitate to contact us or apply with us for a cash advance against your potential lawsuit. Distracted driving in the United States kills 9 and injures over 1,060 people every single day! Distracted driving is defined... Read more →

Affliction can be worse to experience when the mental turmoil is added to the physical stresses endured with a legal battle. Recovery becomes difficult as a result of it. Personal Injury victims do suffer because of inadequate financial back up. Regular jobs are lost in some cases to add... Read more →
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Legal Finance agencies do not report to any of the credit bureaus out there to sully your reputation by any means. You get money for your expenses readily and you are not needed to pay it back if you don’t win your personal injury lawsuit filed in the court.... Read more →

Non-recourse advance mean the simple fact that you have no obligation to repay the amount in fulsome to the lender when you are not receiving your expected settlement from the courts of law. It is where there is no risk for you while there is a complete risk for... Read more →

Can you imagine a mode of getting money which has the following benefits? • You can get from $500 to $1,000,000 • Without any credit checks done (bad credit or no credit are no problem) • There isn’t any verification about your mode of monthly income or a regular job • Without any requirement for collateral (assets... Read more →

Legal funding cannot be awarded to everyone, who is eligible then? Legal funding is a form of settlement non-recourse cash advance which is often referred as the legal finance to the plaintiff. It is designed with a specific purpose to help the personal injury sufferer in time. All until the case... Read more →

The peculiar aspect of the pre-settlement cash advance is that there is benefit for the funding firm, the attorney and the victim too, in this financial transaction. All the three parties that are signing the funding contract are completely benefited in this deal. Legal funding help the plaintiffs who... Read more →

Pegasus Legal Funding provides non-recourse cash advances to personal injury plaintiffs. Non-recourse lawsuit funding means that if there is no recovery on the lawsuit the legal funding company loses their investment. Non-recourse lawsuit funding is not near as risky for personal injuries victims as... Read more →
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Many legal funding companies make the legal funding process difficult. However, Pegasus Legal Funding makes the process simple. You can fill out the simple application on our website or call our office to have one of our employees walk you through the process. We do not... Read more →