Winning Judgment: It Doesn’t End There According to the National Association of Consumer Advocate, Ira Reingold, even if the court has already issued a judgment that is in favor to the plaintiff, it does not definitely mean that the case is already resolved. Thus, having the judgment on the side of... Read more →

Owning a piece of property requires responsibility. A property owner should make sure that his property is safe not only for himself and for his family but also for other people. The law recognizes the importance of this; hence, the premises liability law . The said law holds property owners... Read more →

A litigation process is indeed a lengthy one , and all personal injury victims are aware of this dilemma. Because of the legal and medical expenses, pending foreclosure issues about their properties and unpaid utility and credit card bills, victims are tempted to accept low settlement offers just to get... Read more →
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Ryan was cruising along the highway when a truck suddenly went out of control and skidded along the road. Unfortunately, Ryan was not able to escape unharmed because his car slammed at the back of the truck and rolled over several times before stopping. The accident left Ryan hospitalized ... Read more →

If you are resident or work in Louisiana or Texas, Pegasus Funding can assist you with a lawsuit cash advance. If you live elsewhere Pegasus Funding can help you if you have a 3rd party claim in addition to your Workmans’ Compensation On the way to an important... Read more →
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Accidents can happen anytime , anywhere and often, when you least expect it. It chooses no one and in just one snap, you may slip and fall on premises due to several reasons. However, if you believe that it is due to the negligence on the side of the establishment... Read more →
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At Pegasus Legal Funding, we are aware that when personal injuries occur, it also results in different unwanted expenses one has never expected. Most of the personal injury victims are not allowed to work to make their recovery faster. It is also understandable that there are certain expenses such as... Read more →
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Legal Funding has always been mistakenly known to be the same with a loan. If your main purpose in applying a loan, while waiting for your claim, is to pay for the necessary bills that you are facing, then you will pay it back once you are already done with... Read more →

Legal Funding Rates: What You Need to Understand Legal Funding has always been mistakenly known to be the same as a loan . If your main purpose in applying a loan, while waiting for your claim, is to pay for the necessary bills that you are facing, then you will pay... Read more →
slip andfall legal funding

Many people get injured yearly because of a simple slip and fall . Some were not able to work for a long time due to the extent of their injuries. Some also incurred high medical as well as hospital bills without even asking for financial assistance from the people who... Read more →

The negligence of other people can cost the lives of our loved ones. Because of their recklessness, not only do we suffer emotionally but financially as well. If our loved one who passed away was the breadwinner of our homes, it can be devastating for the whole family. We face... Read more →

Several entities and funding companies are in an existing debate on how to improve several aspects of lawsuit funding. These proposals may be one-sided but with careful planning and successful discussion, each party can meet halfway. Proposal to Change Legal Funding This proposal aims to improve and make legal funding more... Read more →

While you are still in the process of fighting for a better compensation for your injuries, you may find it difficult to fund your personal injury lawsuit. Since you have no means of earning a living, you have difficulty in paying for your daily expenses , basic needs and monthly... Read more →

Worker’s compensation. In most states, a plaintiff won’t be awarded money by legal funding companies in case of a worker’s compensation claim . In such states, the plaintiff is directly given the award from the worker’s compensation board. Generally in other lawsuits, the arrangement or court award is first given to... Read more →

The Basic Concepts The concept of lawsuit case loan is non-existent and with the time people have substituted with the name of pre-settlement funding with the lawsuit loan many years now. Loan is something that you need to pay back after certain period of time along with the interest amount over... Read more →

Legal funding refers to any form of transaction where an interest in a lawsuit is used as a basis in order to obtain financing. There are several types of legal assistance transactions. However, there is one key difference among all of them. This factor is the selling or assigning... Read more →

Introductory words about Consumer Legal Funding Dispute Generally, any kind of transaction in which an appeal in a lawsuit is applied as a method of obtaining financing is called legal funding. There are used various modes of legal funding trades, with the important difference between these types being constituted by... Read more →

Legal Funding: A Lawsuit Loan or an Investment Part 1 Legal funding is not a loan but an investment . The important thing is determining whether a certain transaction involves an actual and substantial risk. Legal financing involves a certain amount of risk, which makes it an investment. It may be... Read more →

Legal funding is a financial transaction with special elements that make it different from other types of financial transactions. It is a form of advance but is different from credit card advances or car loans. This type of legal financing is not a lawsuit loan. There may be some similarities... Read more →

Most plaintiffs embroiled in a legal battle face the financial burden to pay for their own litigation and attorney’s fees. In some cases, plaintiffs are discouraged to pursue the case because of the very tedious and expensive process. This need not be the case as lawsuit funding may be available... Read more →

Pegasus Legal Funding stand out from the crowd by offering what others do not. We are proud ALFA members and abide to a strict code of ethics to ensure that our clients are treated justly and fairly. The fact to the matter is that you have plenty of... Read more →

When it comes to the definition of legal funding, the debate over whether it should be considered a loan or an investment is one over which people just can’t seem to agree. It was established by all jurisdictions that legal funding transactions are investments because of the existence of risk... Read more →

It’s An Investment Part One of Two While many perceive legal funding as a loan, it needs to be said that such a claim, while seemingly logical, is inaccurate . Legal funding is actually an investment in a legal case. When one asks the question of what the difference between a loan... Read more →

A number of people are injured at their workplace, which is very common. The question is what are the legal steps you can take to recover from it? A recent nation-wide study revealed that one in five said that they get hurt at the workplace . However, injuries at the workplace... Read more →
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Why Pegasus Legal Funding is One of the Best Lawsuit Funding Companies Pegasus Legal Funding understands how hard it is when there is a need to supplement your finances when you have a pending lawsuit. We want to relieve you from the financial stress of debt piling up due to... Read more →

An ongoing lawsuit is very nerve-wracking. Medical bills and monthly financial commitments pile up , which is why litigants undergo so much stress. Pegasus Funding is committed to providing lawsuit funding to prevent them from worrying about their future. We are committed to eliminate stress through our quick lawsuit cash... Read more →

Janet Keyzer is a 59-year-old nurse, who has a Ph.D. in human and community development. She worked for the UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research as an administrative nurse researcher. In November 2007, she was terminated from her job because she reported some ethical issues on the... Read more →

Find Out Why Why lawsuit fundings exist after all? They were invented with a purpose to help persons who are suffering financial problems while they’re waiting for their case settlement . For some persons, this can be very helpful (some people may experience severe lack of funds for satisfying even basic... Read more →

This case refers to a fatal accident where 14 people were injured following a shuttle bus crash that happened at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois. Talipha Charles, who has suffered a contusion, broken bones and other auto related injuries, filed a lawsuit against the alleged bus driver and the... Read more →

Plaintiffs usually deal with deadlines and pressure . If they have suffered from some serious injury, they may also be unable to work for a while. Banks and other institutions usually can’t help in this situation – they can’t lend money without collateral, income, ability to make monthly payments. And... Read more →

The possibility to have an injury at work is high since tons of situations and events may cause trouble, and may possibly lead to minimal to grave dangers of injury while at the workplace. Furthermore, having an injury while at work may not only affect your physical body but also... Read more →

Eliminating Excess Stress Applying for legal financial solutions at the right time is essential to eliminating the stress of lawsuit proceedings. It can often take a long time to reach a settlement which can make it expensive and difficult to keep up with your financial responsibilities. In some cases it... Read more →

Plaintiffs, who are undergoing a lawsuit, are often placed in a disadvantageous situation . Lawsuits have negative effects on a person’s lifestyle. These lawsuits prevent plaintiffs from earning because of their severe injuries. When litigants are stuck in this kind of situation, it is best to seek the help of... Read more →

Reasons Why Litigants Need Lawsuit Funding Now that you and your lawyer have started your legal fight , you are embarking on a long and continuous legal journey. Whether you are a victim of a personal injury, “slip and fall” incident, or a vehicular accident, it is wise to seek the... Read more →

How Lawsuit Funding Providers Help for Plaintiffs with Financial Needs Finding Lending Companies There are a variety of structured settlement companies who can help assist people in pursuing a lawsuit. Whether you are considering filing a lawsuit or you are waiting for a settlement to be delivered, it’s easy to run out... Read more →

Lawsuits can be prolonged Plaintiffs usually have one problem – finances. This problem could be easily be resolved – the time needed for cases to be settled needs to be minimized. But, this is usually not the case, and the lawsuits can take many years before they settle. And, you’d agree,... Read more →

The shooting of Michael Brown, Jr. is currently one of the most controversial news in Ferguson, Missouri today. Michael Brown, Jr. was a victim of a police shooting. On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown, Jr. and his friend, Dorian Johnson were walking down a street. Darren Wilson, which is a... Read more →

The Definition Pre Settlement Fundings are the kind of financing destined to offer money to the accuser in a lawsuit, before the matter is finally clear up by a court agreement or settlement. This can help those adversely affected and who have actual needs, like medical care, safeguard financial aid... Read more →

A Doctor did more Harm than Good You went in for a routine procedure and because of a mistake you wound up being injured further because your medical staff wasn’t paying proper attention. If you wound up in more pain because someone at the hospital was negligent you need to... Read more →

What is Legal Funding? A legal lien is a type of funding which is given to plaintiffs as a way of helping them pursue their legal case. This helps you to afford expenses like education, medical bills, your mortgage and other monthly expenses that continue throughout your court case. This... Read more →

When You might Need Financing There are a variety of reasons why people turn to lawsuit funding companies. In most cases these individuals are disabled or were injured causing them to file a lawsuit. They are counting on this lawsuit to pay for their medical expenses and other bills, but... Read more →
Wrongful Imprisonment

A New York man has finally had the justice he deserved after spending 16 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Jabbar Collins was awarded $10 million after being imprisoned for 16 years for the murder of an Orthodox rabbi named Abraham Pollack. Collins was 21 when he... Read more →

Finding Easy Finding If you are in the process of filing a lawsuit you might find that you are in need of lawsuit cash advance. These are not lawsuit loans, but rather a legal lien which can help you keep up your finances when you are going through legal difficulties.... Read more →

Individuals who are still in an ongoing or pending lawsuit can count on lawsuit cash advance. Those who have plans on filing a lawsuit against another party can enjoy the benefits of this kind of funding. This monetary assistance can help litigants to fund their daily living expenses while... Read more →

Accident Loans make Things Easier If you lost a loved one because someone else was negligent or acted in a way they shouldn’t have it can be devastating. There is no amount of financial compensation that could make this better, but you should consider how financial compensation could help you... Read more →

The Police are Not Always Right When the police arrive on the scene it can be difficult to get all of the evidence they need to determine what happened, especially in a situation that turned violent. The victim is not able to speak for themselves, which means the police are... Read more →

Negligence in a Hospital can be Deadly If a hospital is not taking the right precautions to manage their patients, there is no telling what kind of damage they can do. Hospitals that are not maintaining the right level of cleanliness or are not keeping an eye on their staff could... Read more →
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To Prevent Bankruptcy There is no risk associated with the deal when a plaintiff gets cash advance from Pegasus. Nothing to be repaid if the case is lost or if the amount of money recovered is less than the cash advance borrowed from us. To allow financial breathing room with your... Read more →
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Is a Lawsuit Cash Advance a Lawsuit Loan? Plain and simple A Lawsuit Cash Advance is not a Lawsuit Loan. Unlike traditional lawsuit loans, there aren’t any credit or employment background checks. In fact with a Pegasus legal funding, there aren’t any monthly payment schedules. Our lawsuit cash advances... Read more →

Dealing with the Aftermath of an Accident is Difficult When you get into a car accident it can be incredibly difficult to deal with. On top of the injuries you could be facing, there is a good chance that you will be without a vehicle which can make it difficult... Read more →
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Immigration Can take A Lot of Time Even under the best circumstances it takes a long time to settle an immigration case. This can leave you worried about seeking employment, taking care of your family or what will happen if your case is denied. This is unfair and excessively hard on... Read more →

Changes in California Law There have been a number of changes made to California malpractice law in recent decades. The cap for the amount of money a victim can receive has been continually increased as a way to address the cost of inflation which may have occurred since the medical... Read more →

Driving hazards, lawsuits and legal funding It is a dangerous gamble to be driving on the roads these days, with so much traffic, pollution and other types of hazards of the miscellaneous kind as well. Each and every other time when you step in and ride your vehicle on the... Read more →

An Explosion can be Terrifying If you were working and experienced an explosion it can be very frightening. Not only can this cause significant damage to the work area, it can be very dangerous for those that are nearby. You could be hit with flying debris or suffer hearing damage as... Read more →

Proposed Federal Legislation Could Weaken Secret Legal Settlements Earth Island Journal This April, Lisa and Robert Parr of Wise County, Texas won a widely-publicized $3 million verdict in a case alleging they had suffered health problems …

Kansas City Royals fan, hit in eye by hot dog hurled by mascot, gets … The Times-Picayune The Missouri Supreme Court ordered Tuesday, June 24, 2014, for a new trial for a Kansas City Royals fan injured by a hot dog tossed by the …

Florida Smokers seek out justice and relief Finally after years of litigation a decision was handed down by the Supreme court ruled that smokers will be able get justice against the Phillip Morris Company. There have been thousands of lawsuits against this company which span up tens of millions... Read more →

It was some 4 decades ago that the California government stipulated the maximum amount of money that injured patients could receive in malpractice lawsuits with respect to non economic damages. In spite of the years that have rolled by, the cap of $250,000 remains unadjusted to keep pace with... Read more →
Car Accident can place financial burdens

Legal Minimums Don’t Mean Much Every state has a minimum level of insurance that drivers have to carry in order to maintain their driver’s license. This is designed to cover the basic damage that could occur if they were to get into an accident with someone. The basic problem with... Read more →
wrongful conviction

Imagine someone having to spend twenty or more of his/her prime years in prison, merely because of wrongful imprisonment. In recent times, New York alone has witnessed a series of exoneration’s freeing people wrongfully convicted The pain is aggravated when you also know that it took under 10 minutes... Read more →

At Pegasus Legal Funding LLC , it is relatively simple qualifying for lawsuit cash advance. We consider certain minimal basic requirements while accepting litigation funding applications. The initial benchmarks to qualify are enumerated below: 1. An attorney must have been hired by the applicant on contingency fee agreement. This would mean... Read more →
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Medical Malpractice can be defined as an act of negligence that is usually committed by different medical personnel and causes injury on a personal level and/or income loss and time from work that is quite significant. When it comes to personal injury cases, the lawsuits associated with medical malpractice... Read more →
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We say YES more than anyone in the business. Get Lawsuit Loans and Legal Financing from Pegasus Legal funding today! In recent years, many people have learned that if they’re involved in a personal injury accident, they may be eligible to get lawsuit funding. Which is a cash advance... Read more →

AT THIS TIME, PEGASUS FUNDING LLC IS NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM RESIDENTS OF VERMONT Settlement from the courts for the plaintiffs might take a good while. There are thousands and thousands of cases to be handled in the court room on a regular basis. They finalize your settlement after at least... Read more →

AT THIS TIME, PEGASUS FUNDING LLC IS NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM RESIDENTS OF OHIO Plaintiffs in and around Columbus and in all over Ohio find us to be the most convenient Litigation funding agency agency by all means. Our successful track record is fool proof evidence to showcase our pride, trust,... Read more →

Stressed out from the financial pressure mounting on your shoulders when you are suffering from a personal injury? Don’t let this circumstance shatter your confidence. Litigation funds are available for your disposal! You do not have to worry anymore. There is a financial solution that may get you through this... Read more →

Case Evaluation Done for FREE for New Hampshire Live free or die, I say live free from the financial stresses associated with the strains plaintiffs face when involved in a lawsuit. It is quite common that the medical expenses following a personal injury can be stressful to plaintiffs in most cases.... Read more →

One of the major concerns for the plaintiffs while applying for the Money for lawsuits to meet their emergency needs and wants, will be the interest rates that they are being charged with. If you are hesitant to get assistance, you might be piling up your bills, dues and... Read more →

AT THIS TIME, PEGASUS FUNDING LLC IS NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM RESIDENTS OF MINNESOTA Consumer interests are quite paramount here at the firm Pegasus Legal Funding LLC. We safeguard and protect the interest of the clients by all means while assisting them to get what they are due to be receiving.... Read more →

AT THIS TIME, PEGASUS FUNDING LLC IS NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM RESIDENTS OF IOWA Get cash relief now from Pegasus Funding LLC to keep your ailments at bay. Yes, people of Iowa, when you are not fixing things readily then the injury can lead to further problems mentally and physically... Read more →

Request a completely free quote now for the lawsuit funding from Pegasus Funding for your personal injury or other case type or other case type. You can get the best possible services from our side with the least interest rates at any given day. If you are in dire need... Read more →

Affliction can be worse to experience when the mental turmoil is added to the physical stresses endured with a legal battle. Recovery becomes difficult as a result of it. Personal Injury victims do suffer because of inadequate financial back up. Regular jobs are lost in some cases to add... Read more →

AT THIS TIME, PEGASUS FUNDING LLC IS NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM RESIDENTS OF ARKANSAS Non-Taxable Payments – Arkansas Personal Injury Funds Lawsuit Cash Advances can empower you when you are left helpless from a personal injury. Tribulation is something inevitable when it happens to you the victim of the accident caused by... Read more →
Not lawsuit loan, bu a cash adavcne

If you are in need of spine surgery, we encourage you to investigate Prof. Dr. Bertagnoli at Not only is he considered to be the best spine surgeon in the world, but because he is in Germany, where the government controls much of the costs, the cost... Read more →
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Legal Finance agencies do not report to any of the credit bureaus out there to sully your reputation by any means. You get money for your expenses readily and you are not needed to pay it back if you don’t win your personal injury lawsuit filed in the court.... Read more →

Non-recourse advance mean the simple fact that you have no obligation to repay the amount in fulsome to the lender when you are not receiving your expected settlement from the courts of law. It is where there is no risk for you while there is a complete risk for... Read more →

Can you imagine a mode of getting money which has the following benefits? • You can get from $500 to $1,000,000 • Without any credit checks done (bad credit or no credit are no problem) • There isn’t any verification about your mode of monthly income or a regular job • Without any requirement for collateral (assets... Read more →

Secured and Trusted From Pegasus Legal Funding LLC Settlement funds are especially for those individuals that are more concerned about finding a way out to make their ends meet. As a personal injury suffers, a lot of questions arise in our mind when we are made to rest around a corner... Read more →

Legal funding cannot be awarded to everyone, who is eligible then? Legal funding is a form of settlement non-recourse cash advance which is often referred as the legal finance to the plaintiff. It is designed with a specific purpose to help the personal injury sufferer in time. All until the case... Read more →

The peculiar aspect of the pre-settlement cash advance is that there is benefit for the funding firm, the attorney and the victim too, in this financial transaction. All the three parties that are signing the funding contract are completely benefited in this deal. Legal funding help the plaintiffs who... Read more →

Need is the determining factor here. You can opt to choose to go in compromise with the other party. The other party is nothing but the person who caused the injury. You can accept to the terms of the person as well as the insurance company of his own, and... Read more →

Recognizing the financial difficulties that the plaintiffs may face during the trial phase of a wrongful death lawsuit, are now offering wrongful death lawsuit funding to mitigate the financial problems at least in part if not wholly. Often times, it can take several years before a settlement is reached... Read more →

Is a non-recourse cash advance a loan? No!!! Non-recourse cash advances offered by Pegasus Legal Funding provides many distinct benefits that are not provided by traditional loans. Non-recourse cash advances are simply cash advances based on the expected proceeds of your legal claim. The following... Read more →

What is legal financing from Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC ? Legal financing is a cash advance that is provided to personal injury plaintiffs who are experiencing financial difficulties while they are waiting for their personal injury settlement. Call us Toll Free for your Fast Free No Risk Quote: 888-770-6065 Are lawsuit... Read more →

Recognizing the financial difficulties that the plaintiffs may face during the trial phase of a wrongful death lawsuit , are now offering wrongful death lawsuit funding to mitigate the financial problems at least in part if not wholly. Often times, it takes several years before a settlement is reached and... Read more →

Lehigh County jury awards family $55 million in medical malpractice Allentown Morning Call A jury on Monday awarded one of the largest verdicts in Lehigh County history when it ordered St. Luke’s University Hospital and one of its doctors to … Read the full story here

Lawsuit pre-settlement finance Are Not Payday Loans If you have been examining lawsuit loans, you may have already run into some common myths and misconceptions about litigation financing. Plaintiffs in lawsuits who need money while they wait for their cases to work their way through the legal system often receive incomplete... Read more →

Most people have watched Law and Order, Judge Judy, People’s Court or some other show that illustrates what happens in court. The judge opens the docket and the plaintiff tells the judge what the defendant did to him. Then, the defendant either denies the allegations or explains to... Read more →