Accidents happen in unexpected places as well as during an unexpected time. Even if you do the necessary preparations, you can never be too careful. Sadly, innocent people are often the victims of reckless drivers. As a result, they sustain physical injuries that affect their lives in a great... Read more →

There will come a time when you will encounter someone who has been a victim of an accident because of other people’s carelessness. Your neighbor may have suffered from a dog attack. You may have slipped while you are strolling along the supermarket. You may even know someone who... Read more →

The consumer lawsuit funding debate has many sides and interests just like any other debates. There are several sides to different stories and arguments. You need to know the players as well as their motivations in order to understand the debate. The Insurance Industry and Lawsuit Targets Companies and industries such... Read more →

It can be quite surprising how a normal day can turn into a disaster. One minute you are just walking and doing some shopping; the next moment, you find yourself falling head over heels because of loose flooring. This is an example of a slip and fall incident . There... Read more →

Legal Funding Rates: What You Need to Understand Legal Funding has always been mistakenly known to be the same as a loan . If your main purpose in applying a loan, while waiting for your claim, is to pay for the necessary bills that you are facing, then you will pay... Read more →

Most plaintiffs embroiled in a legal battle face the financial burden to pay for their own litigation and attorney’s fees. In some cases, plaintiffs are discouraged to pursue the case because of the very tedious and expensive process. This need not be the case as lawsuit funding may be available... Read more →

This case refers to a fatal accident where 14 people were injured following a shuttle bus crash that happened at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois. Talipha Charles, who has suffered a contusion, broken bones and other auto related injuries, filed a lawsuit against the alleged bus driver and the... Read more →

Plaintiffs usually deal with deadlines and pressure . If they have suffered from some serious injury, they may also be unable to work for a while. Banks and other institutions usually can’t help in this situation – they can’t lend money without collateral, income, ability to make monthly payments. And... Read more →

If your case is being supervised by a legal attorney for a dog bite or some other animal attack, you are and searching for a lawsuit funding then you can contact Pegasus Funding today. When someone is injured due to a dog bite or animal attack then they have the... Read more →

What is Legal Funding? A legal lien is a type of funding which is given to plaintiffs as a way of helping them pursue their legal case. This helps you to afford expenses like education, medical bills, your mortgage and other monthly expenses that continue throughout your court case. This... Read more →

There are cases when a plaintiff has to wait for years before a settlement is handed down. This means that he or she will incur a lot of litigation expense as the case drags on, and that does not include the everyday expense incurred by the plaintiff and the members... Read more →

The population in today’s world is eligible and it has grown dramatically. It is important to recognize the parties and their involvement in the legal field. The key players of the legal funding are the clients, the brokers, the lawyers and the underwriter. This key player has the important role... Read more →

Finding Easy Finding If you are in the process of filing a lawsuit you might find that you are in need of lawsuit cash advance. These are not lawsuit loans, but rather a legal lien which can help you keep up your finances when you are going through legal difficulties.... Read more →
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Most Falls can be Prevented Icy stairs or an un-shoveled sidewalk can cause serious injuries if someone were to fall. The sad thing is in most cases a small amount of effort could have prevented this issue in the first place. If someone was lazy and did not manage their responsibilities... Read more →
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Is a Lawsuit Cash Advance a Lawsuit Loan? Plain and simple A Lawsuit Cash Advance is not a Lawsuit Loan. Unlike traditional lawsuit loans, there aren’t any credit or employment background checks. In fact with a Pegasus legal funding, there aren’t any monthly payment schedules. Our lawsuit cash advances... Read more →

$40M Verdict Settled on Eve of Appeal Deadline Daily Report (registration) Stone said $65 million was on the line between the $40 million verdict, the $14 million fee award and the interest accruing daily since the trial nearly …

Protecting yourself in your car Protecting against some mishaps such as the hit-and-run type of accidents is a pretty crucial need for all. There are cases where the driver flees away from the spot of the accident, at times. During such an incident, the best insurance coverage to rely... Read more →

Kansas City Royals fan, hit in eye by hot dog hurled by mascot, gets … The Times-Picayune The Missouri Supreme Court ordered Tuesday, June 24, 2014, for a new trial for a Kansas City Royals fan injured by a hot dog tossed by the …
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Injuries can occur at any time either because of our own fault or because of someone else. If we get injured by our own fault, we can’t really do anything about it. However, if the injury is caused by others the injury is caused by others then we have... Read more →
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We say YES more than anyone in the business. Get Lawsuit Loans and Legal Financing from Pegasus Legal funding today! In recent years, many people have learned that if they’re involved in a personal injury accident, they may be eligible to get lawsuit funding. Which is a cash advance... Read more →

AT THIS TIME, PEGASUS FUNDING LLC IS NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM RESIDENTS OF SOUTH CAROLINA No recovery means you are not paying back anything to the company. Yes, that is how simple it is here when it comes to Lawsuit Cash Advance. All it needs is just submission of the case... Read more →

AT THIS TIME, PEGASUS FUNDING LLC IS NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM RESIDENTS OF OKLAHOMA A Free analysis from Pegasus Legal Funding LLC can be done to see if your particular case is eligible for Non-recourse funds. Plaintiffs that are looking to get some financial assistance will definitely find this opportunity to... Read more →

One of the major concerns for the plaintiffs while applying for the Money for lawsuits to meet their emergency needs and wants, will be the interest rates that they are being charged with. If you are hesitant to get assistance, you might be piling up your bills, dues and... Read more →

Indiana Residents Get Financial Assistance for your Pending Lawsuit Do you need cash right now to pay your bills? Don’t panic Indiana the Litigation financing firm; Pegasus Legal Funding LLC can come to your rescue to provide adequate financial support that you need. In fact, one of the best methods of... Read more →

Low cost advance funds are meant for the personal injury victims. Personal injury lawyers will possess the first hand information pertaining to their clients case. When you are running your case with a reliable attorney, then you can ask the lawyer to do the needful. Lawsuit cash advance lending firms... Read more →

Presettlement financial funding are provided to plaintiffs as cash advances towards the outcome of a pending lawsuit in the court for a trial. It is called as presettlement funding because it is being awarded ahead of the settlement that is to be made to the plaintiff. It can either... Read more →

Basically there are two categories in the personal injury related damages caused. These are: • Compensatory damages, • And the Punitive damages. It is the personal injury lawyer that you seek for assistance regarding the case, who can actually explain you the category to which your case will fall under. It will be judged... Read more →

Call Pegasus Legal Funding LLC Today! Pegasus makes legal financing easy. We provide money faster than our competitors. We understand that obtaining your personal injury settlement can take time. Further, we understand that sometimes personal injury plaintiffs cannot afford to wait as long as it takes... Read more →

Pegasus Legal Funding is dedicated to getting personal injury victims the money they need. Personal injury victims often have to wait months or even years before they are able to get compensation for their personal injuries. This is often very difficult for personal injury victims who often have... Read more →

Personal injury lawsuit funding is a helpful option that a plaintiff has to mitigate some of the financial troubles arising from the aftermath of the accident. In many situations, the victim’s ability to carry on with his/her occupation is compromised and income streams tend to dry up. You have a... Read more →

Personal Injury Lawsuit Cash Advances Slip and fall injuries occur nearly everyday and the slip and fall injury lawsuit fundings are designed to help the victim mitigate some of the financial consequences. Older people suffering slip and fall injuries may have greater physical disability though age itself may not be a... Read more →
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Pegasus Legal Funding strives to make the cash advance process as easy as possible. The first step is to give our office a call or submit an application through our website. After receiving your request, we will walk you through the process. We will need to know... Read more →