Settlement loans require much thought

In most law firms, attorneys rarely will suggest their clients to get a “settlement loan”. Getting a lawsuit loan should be the last alternative for a plaintiff and used only unless they have absolutely no financial alternatives . Most laypersons have not heard of pre-settlement loans, but there financial... Read more →

Accidents happen in unexpected places as well as during an unexpected time. Even if you do the necessary preparations, you can never be too careful. Sadly, innocent people are often the victims of reckless drivers. As a result, they sustain physical injuries that affect their lives in a great... Read more →

Litigants or legal financing consumers play a vital part in the lawsuit funding industry. They are the primary purpose why the industry existed. They are the targets of companies because they have the reason to seek their financial help. The Consumers’ Stand on Lawsuit Funding Consumer legal funding solutions are expensive... Read more →

A slip and fall case may cause you physical and emotional stress. It can also drain your financial resources. However, you can always seek the help of a lawsuit settlement funding in order to relieve yourself from your financial burden. You can use the money to fund your lawsuit... Read more →

It can be quite surprising how a normal day can turn into a disaster. One minute you are just walking and doing some shopping; the next moment, you find yourself falling head over heels because of loose flooring. This is an example of a slip and fall incident . There... Read more →

In 2003, Annette Ritzman was walking out of the Miller Mart convenience store when she suddenly slipped on a raised sidewalk and fell down on the ground. She lost consciousness and suffered a serious brain injury. Annette filed for a personal injury lawsuit against the convenience store because they... Read more →
slip andfall legal funding

Accidents can happen anytime , anywhere and often, when you least expect it. It chooses no one and in just one snap, you may slip and fall on premises due to several reasons. However, if you believe that it is due to the negligence on the side of the establishment... Read more →
non-recourse cash advance

Case loans are not actually loans. They are pre settlement funding made by a client who is not able or refuses to wait for a lawsuit’s final settlement. Strictly speaking, case loans are actually agreed upon advances, which is used as a counter to expected future payouts from a... Read more →
slip andfall legal funding

Many people get injured yearly because of a simple slip and fall . Some were not able to work for a long time due to the extent of their injuries. Some also incurred high medical as well as hospital bills without even asking for financial assistance from the people who... Read more →

If you are in a personal injury lawsuit, you may suffer emotional, mental and physical traumas. The recovery period may take long; therefore, your medical and your hospital bills will definitely be expensive. Sadly, some personal injury victims do not have the means to sustain their medical treatment. Personal Injury Lawsuit... Read more →
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In 2006, a railroad employee suffered from injuries because of the poor ground conditions in Union Pacific’s rail yards. The injuries were so severe that the said employee was permanently disabled. He lost his job and he and his family were forced to give up comfortable living. He filed a... Read more →

Of all the unfortunate accidents that can befall a person and precipitate the need for a personal injury litigation case, it is arguable that accidents of aviation are the worst. These accidents are often catastrophic and leave much damage to the surrounding area and can cause massive loss and harm... Read more →

The human brain is the center of our nervous system. A slight damage to it can greatly affect our bodily function. It can cause mental problems, paralysis or even death. Because of such, the matter of brain injury should not be taken lightly. It can take away the opportunity to... Read more →
slip andfall legal funding

Property and premise owners should prioritize the safety, security and well-being of their tenants . Their tenants have placed their trust in the property owners. Therefore, they should maintain their properties in order to ensure that they are ready for occupancy. The property should have safe and secure living conditions. Sadly,... Read more →

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Loan: A Lending Hand in Receiving the Right Compensation More than a million cases of medical malpractice are reported each year. Many of these medical issues could have been prevented if proper diagnosis and care were given but because of the negligence of medical practitioners, victims are given... Read more →

Motor vehicle accidents are a common sight on the road. Most often, they are minor and only cause damage to the car and not to the people inside the vehicle. However, there are some cases wherein a vehicle accident can change your life forever. It can cause physical injuries... Read more →

Some of us ride the bus daily to go to work, school or home. Generally, it is a safe mode of transportation. It is a safer choice, even, compared to our cars because of its size. We are protected from car accidents and other minor accidents on the road.... Read more →

A lawsuit for personal injury can be long. If you are a plaintiff in such a lawsuit, it is possible that you might not be able to work, you would need money for your medical bills and for other bills or payments, so that you might be unable to wait... Read more →

While you are still in the process of fighting for a better compensation for your injuries, you may find it difficult to fund your personal injury lawsuit. Since you have no means of earning a living, you have difficulty in paying for your daily expenses , basic needs and monthly... Read more →
Legal funding opponents

Despite its great purpose, legal funding does not always work out for the plaintiff . There are lawsuits that take too long before the final decision. A lengthy legal process forces plaintiffs to owe funding companies a hefty sum of money. In some cases, the plaintiff ends up with nothing... Read more →

Janet Keyzer is a 59-year-old nurse, who has a Ph.D. in human and community development. She worked for the UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research as an administrative nurse researcher. In November 2007, she was terminated from her job because she reported some ethical issues on the... Read more →

The Definition Pre Settlement Fundings are the kind of financing destined to offer money to the accuser in a lawsuit, before the matter is finally clear up by a court agreement or settlement. This can help those adversely affected and who have actual needs, like medical care, safeguard financial aid... Read more →

Applying for a legal settlement funding can be quite stressful. Since litigants will be using this assistance to fund their court cases, they are burdened to choose the right lawsuit loan provider. Most settlements take months and even years to be finalized. A long case duration leads to costs that... Read more →

There are cases when a plaintiff has to wait for years before a settlement is handed down. This means that he or she will incur a lot of litigation expense as the case drags on, and that does not include the everyday expense incurred by the plaintiff and the members... Read more →
Wrongful Death

Losing a Loved One causes Turmoil If you have lost a loved one there are any number of things that you need to handle. The emotions that you are feeling at this time can be very difficult to manage. If this was a wrongful death this can only make things... Read more →
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Most Falls can be Prevented Icy stairs or an un-shoveled sidewalk can cause serious injuries if someone were to fall. The sad thing is in most cases a small amount of effort could have prevented this issue in the first place. If someone was lazy and did not manage their responsibilities... Read more →

Changes in California Law There have been a number of changes made to California malpractice law in recent decades. The cap for the amount of money a victim can receive has been continually increased as a way to address the cost of inflation which may have occurred since the medical... Read more →

You Find Out About Contamination When It’s Too Late By the time a company needs to reveal that they have contaminated your food or living space you have already been exposed. In some cases you might have been exposed for years before a company comes forward and admits to any... Read more →
Lawsuit Funding Options

Your Lawsuit Funding Options Lawsuit funding has become something that is extremely popular. There are a number of reasons why lawsuit funding has become more popular now than ever. To start with, lawsuit funding has become popular because there have been more lawsuits than ever before. And in the past... Read more →